On-Chain Domain Name Feature Announcement

We are excited to announce the release of the much-awaited on-chain domain name feature on Web3.com!

Introducing On-Chain Domain Feature with Web3ite Pass
Thanks to the Ethereum name system (ENS) integration, Web3ite Pass holders can now use their web3.com domains as their on-chain identities in ENS-enabled Apps. This means that you can input "yourname.web3.com" in the address box and transfer money to the wallet address associated with the name. We believe that the on-chain domain feature is a significant step in bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3, and we're excited to see the possibilities it unlocks.

With this new feature, users can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved Security: Smart contract addresses are typically long and difficult to remember, making them vulnerable to phishing attacks and accidental operations. By setting the smart contract address as an xxx.web3.com domain name, it becomes easier to remember and identify. This is similar to ENS and other on-chain domain names. Additionally, the domain name allows users to directly access the contract address and confirm its authenticity through social media bindings, official certification, and other information displayed on the webpage.

  • Easy Information Retrieval: When searching for records on blockchain explorers or other platforms, users may want to know the project or application information associated with a smart contract. If the contract address is an xxx.web3.com domain name, users can quickly access the information by visiting the corresponding link.

How to set up Setting up the on-chain domain name feature requires an initial setup process. To get started, go to the "My Passes" page, select the domain you want to use as your on-chain domain name, and click the "Settings" button.

Set the resolution address for the name of your Web3ite Pass to point to the Ethereum Mainnet Address of your choice. By default, this address is set to the one that holds your domain. If the field below is blank, you must manually enter the address and press confirm to set it up.

Next, click on "Primary Name" in the top right menu.

Select your desired domain as the primary name. This will complete the setup process and enable you to use your web3.com domain as your on-chain identity in ENS-enabled Apps.

Temporary Changes to Web3ite Pass Release Rules
To encourage wider adoption and inclusivity, we've decided to release all the domains for purchase during the early bird period, regardless of their length. However, after the Early Bird period, the frozen policy will be reinstated to prevent domain hoarding and ensure a fair distribution of domain names. We hope this policy change will contribute to the growth of the Web3 ecosystem.

Check out the Regular Release Rules

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