Charlie Chen April Meeting Room: Q&A Summary

Hello everyone! I'm Charlie Chen, the Chief Marketing Officer of April has been a month filled with vibrancy and interaction as we hosted a series of Ask Me Anything (AMA) events in our community. Community members enthusiastically posed various questions. Not only did we gain valuable insights during these AMA sessions, but we also organized and compiled numerous valuable questions, and present them in a Q&A format.

Q1. In what aspects does plan to expand its products or services? What growth goals does it aim to achieve?
Currently, Web3ite Pass has launched its basic functionalities both on-chain and off-chain. The future plans for expanding Web3ite Pass include:

  • a. Off-chain display pages: More content types will be added, providing user tools and integrating multi-chain data display.

  • b. On-chain domain name functionality: Web3ite Pass will extend its domain name functionality to multiple chains, beyond the Ethereum mainnet.
    Additionally, the Web3 Space product section will be launched soon, offering content navigation services for Web3ite Pass and aggregating information on various specific topics.
    The main growth goal is to promote widespread adoption and usage of Web3ite Pass.

Q2. Does have plans to launch its own cryptocurrency or token? currently does not have plans to launch its own cryptocurrency or token. However, Web3ite Pass itself is an NFT and a form of digital asset. Building the functionality and value of Web3ite Pass is one of our important goals.

Q3. How does plan to integrate with blockchain, similar to ENS?
Currently, the domain names can be used on the Ethereum mainnet. Similar to ENS, you can forward resolve the domain name to a specific address, and then use the '' domain for transactions. You can also set reverse resolution for addresses, which will display the '' domain in browsers and DApps. We also have plans to expand to other public blockchains in the future.

Q4. Apart from domain-related services, does offer any other services? Can individuals freely edit their personal pages? Domain owners can edit their associated display pages. The display pages can be categorized as personal pages or project pages. You can fill in basic information such as name, description, wallet address, and links. Additionally, you can showcase your NFT holdings and content from multiple platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Mirror, etc., on the display page. As we continue to iterate on the features, you will be able to showcase more types of content. Furthermore, if you are an influential individual or a project team, you can apply for verification of your display page to indicate that it is the official page for yourself or your project team.

Q5. Have you considered creating a BIOLONK+SNS aggregation gateway?
Similar functionality already exists, and we will continue to optimize and enrich the relevant features.

Q6. What are the differences between, ENS, and domain names with extensions like .bit or .btc? Can you explain the unique competitive advantage?
In simple terms, Web3ite Pass can be understood as a combination of products like Linktree and blockchain-based domain names such as ENS. The off-chain display page ending with is similar to an electronic business card, like Linktree, but with additional features tailored to Web3 users' needs. The domain name itself is more suitable for Web3 users' dissemination. The on-chain identity aspect is similar to blockchain-based domain names like ENS, but what sets Web3ite Pass apart is the seamless integration between the off-chain display page and the on-chain identity. The authorization and verification information on the display page serves as an endorsement for the on-chain identity.

Q7. If I purchase a domain name now, will it be useful in the future?
Once you purchase a domain name, you will own it permanently.

Q8. Can you provide specific use cases for individuals in this domain system? Is it mainly useful for projects or entities?

  1. Personal Branding: Particularly for working professionals in various industries, individuals can use their own names or personal brands as domain names to establish their presence and reputation in the Web3 domain. The domain can be used to build a personal portfolio.

  2. Payment and Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration: domains can be linked to Ethereum wallet addresses, making it easier to remember and share wallet addresses. In the future, as we expand to support multiple chains, the gas fee threshold for transfers will also be reduced.

  3. Personal Websites: Individuals can use domains to create their personal websites, showcasing their work, skills, and experiences for job-seeking purposes.

Q9. Who is the target audience for the practical application of
The practical application of Web3 encompasses a wide range of audiences, but at this stage, our primary focus is on the Web3 industry ecosystem. This includes, but is not limited to, the following groups:

  1. Developers and technical experts: Web3 development and deployment require specialized technical knowledge and skills. Therefore, the practical application of Web3 needs to attract and support developers and technical experts by providing necessary tools, technical support, and training to help them build better Web3 applications.

  2. Web3 project teams: The emerging technology and ecosystem of Web3 present many business opportunities. Therefore, the practical application of Web3 needs to attract and support project teams by providing effective marketing tools. For example, our upcoming feature, the Project Homepage Assistant, aims to integrate a chatbot functionality into project homepages. Project teams can upload their project-related material in PDF format, and users can receive real-time customer service through this feature.

  3. Investors and financial experts: The practical application of Web3 needs to attract and support investors and financial experts, providing necessary funding and investment support to Web3 projects and startups, thus driving the development and innovation of Web3. We aim to attract partnerships with venture capital firms and investment research institutions, providing them with effective tools to stay informed about new projects.

  4. Social media influencers and media professionals: The ecosystem provides tools for social media influencers and media professionals to publish and integrate information, acting as a primary source of information for their audience.

  5. Web3 professionals and recruiters: The primary feature of, the digital business card, allows individuals to showcase their on-chain and off-chain information. It can be effectively used to create portfolios and establish a comprehensive Web3 industry profile, displaying an individual's qualifications and industry background.
    In summary, the practical application of Web3 targets a wide and inclusive audience. We aim to continuously attract and support different types of users to drive the development and innovation of Web3.

Q10. How does generate profits or revenue to support its application? What is its revenue model? How does it benefit both investors and projects?

  1. Direct revenue comes from the sale of Web3ite Pass, which acts as a pass or ticket offering various benefits and privileges to users within the Web3 community or platforms.

  2. As the information aggregation features within the Web3 Space gradually develop, revenue can be generated by leveraging traffic. The domain name and information aggregation products are not entirely independent but interrelated. By providing information aggregation services, we aim to empower domain names, enhance the value of Web3ite Pass, and generate more sales.

  3. Revenue can be generated through advertisements and sponsorships as gains traffic. As a decentralized platform, we can distribute the value of traffic sponsorship in a fairer manner. However, this is a long-term perspective. Currently, our focus is on improving the functionality of the platform itself rather than prioritizing commercial profitability.

Q11. How do you retain users, considering that many projects can only maintain their popularity for a short period of time? How do you address this issue and keep users engaged?
First and foremost, we focus on the functionality and service aspects. The reason we chose to create an aggregation platform is precisely because we recognized the pain point of information fragmentation. Our product managers discovered that there was no single platform that could aggregate complete and valuable information. Before conducting research, individuals had to search for relevant hashtags on Twitter, repeatedly visit official websites, and join various communities, which consumed a significant amount of time and effort. We saw this as an opportunity to provide aggregated information in a user-friendly manner.
However, this is just one aspect of our functionality. doesn't solely target the Chinese community or a single market. We aim to facilitate global industry communication through decentralized and remote work environments, enabling individuals and organizations to connect and interact. Ultimately, the competition lies in perception, which can be enhanced through the delivery of high-quality content. We have built an efficient brand for content creators and project builders. Our approach is to integrate and aggregate existing content distribution channels into a lightweight business card, making it convenient for users to organize, collect, and analyze information.
Regardless of the project community, we are well aware of the utility of airdrops and frequently receive questions about fundraising. We maintain an open stance towards fundraising methods. However, we would like to kindly remind everyone that liquidity value is transient. We encourage users to focus on our core functionality, actively utilize the platform, and provide valuable suggestions for various scenario-based features.

We hope these Q&As provide you with useful information and spark further thoughts and discussions. AMA events serve as crucial platforms for fostering communication and learning, and we will continue to organize similar activities to satisfy the curiosity and thirst for among our community members. Thank you all for your support and participation in our community! If there are any further questions or queries, don't hesitate to send us a message via the contact form below.

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