Web3.com Set to Launch Free Web3 Passport

Web3.com announced it will unveil its innovative Web3 Passport at 10:00 UTC on August 1, 2023. This groundbreaking offering provides a decentralized digital passport available free of charge, empowering individuals worldwide to claim their own Web3 Passport.

Feature Functions

The Web3 Passport has caught public attention with its unique features and user experience. Users can personalize their identity and virtual avatar. Additionally, Web3 Passport integrates and manages social media links, highlighting users' standout content. In an effort to make sharing a breeze, Web3.com also offers a service to generate Passport sharing pages.

Web3 CV Template

Beyond these pioneering functionalities, Web3 Passport delivers convenience to users required to create, edit, and share personal resumes. Inside Web3 Passport, users will find a specially designed resume template and the option to upload illustrations, adding color and dynamism to their resumes.

Exclusive Web3.com Domain Name Binding Service (Domain Name purchase required separately)

Notably, Web3.com provides a domain-binding service. Users can purchase an exclusive Web3.com domain and bind it to their Web3 Passport, establishing a distinctive identity in the digital world.

Phase A Public Sale Opens on August 14

Web3.com further announced that the Web3 Passport Name would be available for its inaugural public sale on August 14, 2023. This offers a unique opportunity for users to acquire a singular Web3 Passport Name, becoming a unique identity on Web3.com.

About Web3.com

Web3.com is a comprehensive platform that integrates user identity and ecosystem exploration, with a focus on serving the Web3 user community by helping them explore network forms that align with Web3 paradigms and values, and by guiding new users into the Web3 space. Web3.com's innovative attempt undoubtedly heralds a new era in digital identity management. Be prepared now and join us in welcoming the launch of the Web3 Passport into the Web3 universe!

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