Web3.com Name Pre A Public Sale Opens Today

The Web3.com Name Pre A Public Sale is around the corner! We're thrilled to announce the official public sale of Web3.com registration, launching today at 10:00 UTC August 14th. This is your exclusive opportunity to dive into the web3 world and explore with us.

To purchase, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Visit https://web3.com/passport.

  2. Browse and select the domain name you desire.

  3. Complete the purchase process to secure your chosen domain. It's as straightforward as that! Dive into the digital realm and secure your identity with a unique domain from Web3.com

Check out Public Sale Pricing details here:

We will offer incredible discounts for our members during the Phase Ⅰ public sales, offering up to 80% off the standard price. Just pick your Web3.com domain at an exceptionally favorable rate. Don't let it pass you by. Make sure to jump in promptly and grab that perfect web3 domain name you've been dreaming of!

Web3.com Referral Incentive

We're thrilled to introduce an exclusive opportunity for our dedicated KOLs and KOCs to dive into an exciting new chapter with us. Get ready to amplify your impact and reap extraordinary rewards through our Referral Incentive Program.

Take easy steps to create your distinctive referral link and then embark on a journey to share your referral link with your friends. What's surprise?You'll be rewarded with a generous commission when there is a valid Web3.com domain registration.

Elevate your reward tier while spreading the Web3.com Magic!

* Note: Reward tier is flexible based on your reach and engagement.

Web3 Domains

Web3 domain has witnessed a surge in registrations over the past few years and eventually became one inevitable part of our lives. And it makes a crucial difference to the usability and transparency of blockchain data. Starting with easy access to human-readable blockchain data, users can make the most out of their on-chain digital identities.

Web3.com domain integrated in early 2023 with Ethereum as well as the popular Arbtrium blockchain, which will allow users to look up any web3.com domain address on Ethereum and Arbtrium to analyze on-chain and off-chain data and trace transactions. It will also display the readable domains (such as a .web3.com domain) on the two blockchains network, instead of just showing the long complicated wallet addresses.

Furthermore, Web3 passport, spotlighting your most remarkable moments and achievements on your profiles , offers users a specialized gateway to an exclusive space where it provides a vivid snapshot of your social media integration, resume creation and personal brand. More updates are coming soon. Stay tuned!

About Web3.com

Web3.com is an inclusive platform that combines user identity and ecosystem exploration. Our primary mission is to cater to the Web3 users community, assisting them in navigating network structures that align with the core principles and values of Web3. Moreover, we are dedicated to facilitating the onboarding of new users into the dynamic realm of Web3, ensuring a smooth portal into this innovative space.

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