Web3.com Q2 2023 Recap

Dear Web3.com Fams,

We are thrilled to present the Q2 updates summary and innovative features from Web3.com. The past quarter has been marked by significant progress and product feature changes for Web3.com.

We have expanded the capabilities of Web3ite Pass, introduced seamless content sharing, enhanced personal and organizational showcases, established Web3 Space as an information aggregation portal, and introduced features to foster trust and simplify event management. These developments reflect our ongoing commitment to empowering individuals and organizations within the Web3 ecosystem.

Here is a detailed summary of the existing functionalities and partnerships Web3.com have introduced so far:

Exciting Features on Web3.com:

  1. Personalized Homepage: Create a unique homepage, showcase interests, and curate content.

  2. Shareable Web3.com Links: Generate special links, and easily share them on social media.

  3. Verified Page: Increase security, and privacy with a verified profile, and establish trust.

  4. Event Management: Create, and edit events on Web3.com.

  5. Dedicated Web3 Space Pages: Explore specialized pages, and tailored content.

  6. Web3 Space Entrance: Convenient application submission for Web3 Space.

  7. Match Abitrum Address: Seamlessly connect the Abitrum address, and Web3.com domain for smooth interactions.

Engagement and Partnerships

Our social media operations achieved remarkable progress with surging 30.3k twitter followers. We have formed strategic partnerships with over 20+ esteemed organizations, projects, and KOLs including Xwinner, LBank, and more. Similarly, our Discord community reached a total of 20K engaged members.

What we have achieved remarkable progress in the past few months attracted over 4.5k new users to our platform and brought a substantial increase in website traffic. We ran 3 successful community campaigns and attracted over 20k participants, offering valuable insights and fostering connections.

Additionally, offline, we actively participated in renowned events like the 2023 Web3 HK Summit and EDCON2023 conference, gaining insights and forming valuable partnerships. Overall, our engagements solidified our position and expanded our reach within the Web3 community.

Web3.com's Vision

  1. Connecting the Web3.0 World with Web3 Explorer: Web3.com aspires to be the go-to gateway connecting users to the Web3.0 ecosystem.

  2. Empowering Individuals and Organizations: Each user will have the power to own a .web3.com domain name.

  3. Integration of Online Presence: By consolidating social media links, blogs, and personal websites into one platform page, users can present their content and interact with others efficiently.

  4. Decentralization: Users will retain complete control over their information.

  5. Security and Privacy Protection: As a gateway, Web3.com will prioritize security and privacy. Advanced encryption techniques and security protocols will safeguard users' data, mitigating unauthorized access and misuse.

Web3.com seeks to become the gateway, empowering users to explore and thrive in the Web3.0 world, striving to provide enhanced services and experiences for the Web3 community.

Get ready for our upcoming huge steps!

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