Bubble Mission + August Recap

Bubble’s Mission

BubbleDAO’s mission is to foster a diverse and inclusive space in Web3 while making the Web3 scene more welcoming for women and underrepresented communities. 

As the Web3 ecosystem developed, we noticed that different cliques started forming - developers only mingling amongst themselves, artists left out of conversations with developers, women feeling marginalized, the LGBTQ+ community feeling like there wasn't enough of a community for them, etc. Bubble is all about bringing together these different "bubbles" within Web3. We provide value to our members by curating events for people from different backgrounds to meet, and by providing educational resources for those who want to further their knowledge in Web3.

As we started breaking down these walls and bringing everyone from all walks of life into one room, we collectively became one "bubble." 🤯 More collaboration and innovative ideas started forming as people from differing backgrounds mingled. We started seeing an uptick in women and minority attendance at our events. Other DAOs and Web3 companies with shared missions began reaching out to partner together. The immense benefits of getting together in real life are countless.

We also bring the Bubble community together online through Instagram Live and Twitter Spaces, in addition to our Telegram and Discord channels. Check out our LinkTree for all our socials :)

In this past month, we hosted an Instagram Live with Christina Tubera of FemmeFinance as well as Bee Davis of QryptoQueers and Hive Media. Through these online collaborations, we hope to further the joint mission of inclusivity and bringing in women and underrepresented communities into the space. Additionally, BubbleDAO previously sponsored an NFTNYC event with QryptoQueers in Brooklyn, proudly hosting an educational seminar at the event aimed to teach artists how to enter the NFT space. This was just the beginning, as Bubble is more than excited to educate and inspire many more underrepresented communities in our journey.

We also hosted a summer wine tasting event with Thirsty Thirsty at Dandy Wine and Spirit by the Williamsburg waterfront. We showcased three incredible female winemakers at a woman-owned venue and brought together the Web3 community to chill, sip on some wine, and chat about their Web3 passions- from Web3 gaming, to NFTs, to DeFi protocols, to artists and developers. Friendships formed as folks from all Web3 bubbles collated, and everyone left feeling re-energized and inspired.

Why did we start Bubble?

Hi there, Jessie here! A little story time: back in the day when Lucie and I started attending crypto events, there were little to no women at these events. The best way I could describe these events was… “sweaty dude energy” haha. But, what really started irking me was when we’d be asked, “Who are you a plus-one here with?” “Do you even know what an NFT is?” “Are you a groupie?”

Oh hellllll nah. I’m here for myself. I’m in Web3 too. I know what an NFT is.

So, Lucie and I decided we wanted to start throwing our own Web3 events. Events where everyone felt like they belonged and could mingle freely without judgment. Now, Bubble hosts numerous in-person events in NYC and is expanding to other cities across the country. Check out our DAO contributor form if you are personally interested in helping out Bubble, especially if you live in LA, Miami or Austin :)  In addition, we have an active Twitter poll for our first Community Sprint Meeting. Hope to see you then!

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