Growing DAO Communities

The most important part of every DAO is the community. Every DAO is structured differently with a unique mission, but every successful DAO has a strong common interest that unites and brings people together around a shared mission.

BubbleDAO Community Wine Tasting Event. August 14th. Williamsburg Brooklyn
BubbleDAO Community Wine Tasting Event. August 14th. Williamsburg Brooklyn

Many DAOs start with a shared passion among a small core group of founders. This core group is sometimes referred to as the core team, the DAO governors or managers, or even the founders. It is probably necessary for a smaller unified group to take the initial steps of forming the DAO. Over time as the community grows, however, there is the need for a growing number of core community members and DAO contributors to step up to take over various new roles and responsibilities that emerge within the DAO. This may include roles like marketing, business development, event planning, etc.

As an example, as BubbleDAO grows beyond NYC, we will be looking for contributors to bring Bubble to new cities across the country. The next cities for Bubble to expand to will in large part be decided by the number of interested DAO contributors in their respective cities!

Communication is an important cornerstone for all DAO communities, but often one of the common pain points. For DAOs the most common communication method is currently Discord, but for anyone in the Web3 world, you already know there are mixed feelings about Discord’s appeal. A common complaint is that Discord is a high friction solution not frequently used by those outside of Web3.

Despite this, Discord has served many DAO communities successfully and remains the communication channel of choice for DAOs. Telegram is often used alongside or even in place of Discord for some DAOs

IRL events remain an important way to build cohesive bonds within DAO communities, supplementing virtual communication channels and open forums like AMAs. The need for these IRL events was a major reason behind the creation of Bubble! We strive to bring together inclusive Web3 communities in every city.

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