The NFT Wall - 1 Year Anniversary of “Another Flex On The Wall”

Celebrate with us on the 1 Year Anniversary of the NFT Wall in Williamsburg that has resonated across the Brooklyn neighborhood and the NFT community.

Living as a digital nomad for the past few years, graffiti artist Masnah and his unique brand of imagery has made its way, not only into public spaces, alternative settings and galleries, but also into a series of hand-made books. His recent NFT collection "Another Flex On The Wall" in Brooklyn, NY has caught the eye of the NFT community, as well as many more, by bringing these "jpegs" to the street and immortalizing them on the blockchain.

By tokenizing graffiti, Masnah has become a pioneer and key example of bridging graffiti with the blockchain when before, people couldn’t own a piece of graffiti. Now, he has built a community that spans not just across the NFT and Web3 space, but also across the local Brooklyn neighborhood and the world. Pedestrians who walk past his art everyday have become a part of his community, as well as the owners of the NFTs he’s been commissioned to paint who hail from all over the world. He has bridged the digital connections of NFTs with the physical.

In collaboration with Bubble DAO and Nest DAO, Masnah is celebrating the 1 Year Anniversary of the NFT wall at the intersection of Grand Street and Roebling Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Sunday, October 23rd from 2-5pm EST. Open to the public, stop by for some food, prizes, fun activities, music, some classic IRL conversation, and the possibility of a phygital gift or two in celebration of the anniversary.

We will also be running a raffle until Friday, 7pm EST. Winner of the raffle will join the Flex Family and get their PFP painted on the wall by Masnah! All participants will get a commemorative “Another Flex On The Wall” NFT by Masnah. The more raffle tickets sold, the larger the piece that Masnah will paint.

How to enter:

  1. Message your wallet address and chosen PFP that you’d like to have painted to @loromasnah on Twitter to receive approval to bid or to receive private listing.

  2. Bid for a minimum of 0.1 ETH per raffle ticket or buy the ticket through private listing for 0.1 ETH. The higher your bid, the higher your chance at winning the raffle.

  3. We’ll accept your bid

  4. We’ll announce the winner of the raffle on Friday, Oct. 21st 7pm EST, and you may see Masnah painting the winner’s PFP at the event on Sunday, Oct. 23rd!

    Place your bid on your raffle ticket here:


About Bubble DAO:

Bubble DAO’s mission is to foster diversity and inclusion in Web3 while making the Web3 scene more welcoming for women and underrepresented communities. Bubble provides value to its members by curating events for people from differing backgrounds to meet, and by providing educational and career development resources for those who want to further their knowledge in Web3. Through their renowned IRL crypto events, Bubble has empowered an attendance of approximately 50% women and underrepresented minorities to explore each of their events and has united varying fields within Web3 to induce more collaboration and innovation.

About Nest DAO:

Nest DAO aims to democratize real estate ownership and information by being an innovation hub that pushes forward the integration of Real Estate and Web3 (“RExW3”). With 20+ years of real estate experience as investors, operators and brokers, Nest DAO is a community of Web3 natives who are passionate about and want to learn more about real estate while providing the resources to help RExW3 projects succeed.

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