End of Year Recap: BubbleDAO

This past year, BubbleDAO has been nothing short of amazing.

Since we’ve started BubbleDAO, we have had a goal and mission to support an inclusive and diverse community by building meaningful relationships, including making the Web3 scene more welcoming for women and underrepresented communities. We have brought together different "bubbles" within Web3 ranging from artists, developers, entrepreneurs, investors, women, minorities, and the LGBTQ+ community. Our duty to bring together people from all backgrounds has been to create an environment for everyone to feel comfortable forming strong relationships, curate events for people from different backgrounds to meet, and provide educational resources for those who want to further their knowledge in Web3. We are proud to say that within just this first year, we definitely have accomplished what we set forth to do, and we will continue doing so in the years to come.

     Bringing people together in the Web3 space is easy, but really engaging with the community and growing it to have an average of over 40% women in attendance at our events is something not many social DAOs can say they do. In just the 8 months that we’ve been around, we hosted 12 in-person events, and we take pride in having more women come to our events as it sheds light on how many women are in this space and how crypto can break the male-dominant stereotype. 

     On top of the IRL events we host multiple times a month, we also kicked off bi-weekly BubbleDAO contributors calls, Twitterspaces, and Instagram Lives. These are just different forms of communicating with our community and engaging with them as much as we can while gaining feedback, creating new ideas, and brainstorming collaborations. Through our Twitterspaces and Instagram Lives, we have hosted numerous virtual collaborations with projects and DAOs such as RTFKT, CloneX, Hive Global Media, Crypto Daddies Club, Web3 Familia, ATX DAO, and many more just to name a few. 

Now, let’s take a look back at all the IRL events we have hosted this past year. 

     It all started with our launch party at LUME Studios featuring Keli Lucas and Not Your Muse in April 2022. This 3D immersive art exhibit projected Keli Lucas and Not Your Muse’s NFTs across all walls and floors, bridging the digital world with a truly immersive real-life experience. This event really kickstarted things for us as both female artists were given a platform to have their 3D NFT art projected for over 250 attendees to see and really spoke volumes to what our goal is in having more women join the Web3 space and the Web3 community coming together as “one bubble.” 

     Our second event was our sunset cocktail rooftop party to kick off the summer. What better way to start enjoying the warm weather than with a rooftop party courtesy of Alpha House and music by DJ Mark Wolf. The summer vibes and perfect sunset really set the tone for this event as we knew we had something special. We then had a Happy Hour at the Orchard Room with Web3Wifey packed with smiling faces networking over some drinks. 

     After this, we had our biggest event to date which was a NFT.NYC rooftop event with GoldenDAO featuring Andrew Yang. We had over 1000+ attendees from many different DAOs, projects, and backgrounds with speeches given by Andrew Yang himself and our Co-Founder, Jessie. Not many people can say they have hosted an event with over that many people, and we accomplished this in just two months since launching. During NFT.NYC, we also led an educational workshop for CryptoQueers, an LGBTQIA community with various creators in Web3. One of our Co-Founders, Lucie, talked about her personal story of feeling disappointed that women were being excluded from the Web3 space, leading to the creation of BubbleDAO with a purpose to create change. 

     Following the workshop, our next occasion was a wine tasting event with Thirsty Thirsty, a women-founded NFT project, along the Williamsburg Waterfront featuring three incredible female winemakers at a woman-owned venue. We brought together the Web3 community to chill, sip on some wine, and chat about their Web3 passions. Leaders from various Web3 fields such as Web3 gaming, DeFi, and NFTs made appearances, including Devin Finzer, the CEO of Opensea. Friendships formed as folks from all Web3 bubbles collated, and everyone left feeling re-energized and inspired. Of course after a wine tasting event, we had to follow up with another happy hour. This time at Printer’s Alley, there were good vibes going around, networking, and new people being introduced into the Web3 space. We decided to do something different for our next event and have The Merge Afterparty at McCarren Park House, featuring DJ Cowboy, to present the launch of a new real estate DAO- NestDAO. Having both BubbleDAO and NestDAO conjoined for an event was special for everyone there, especially with the free merchandise and, of course, some drinks.

     Not only did we host events, we also sponsored The Parallel’s Convergence multidimensional art exhibition benefiting The ASAP Foundation, a charity that addresses substance abuse and safety. Giving back to the community is a big part of who we are and what we do because BubbleDAO ourselves is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit affiliate and we know a little goes a long way. 

     A few weeks later, we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of The NFT Wall in Williamsburg featuring Masnah, who revolutionized graffiti by putting it on the blockchain. The NFT wall itself is an iconic piece of artwork in the Williamsburg community that many people walk past everyday as NFT collectors get the opportunity to memorialize their PFPs in a physical community. We held a raffle in which a BubbleDAO contributor, Kevin, won and was able to get his own spot on the wall for his Crypto Corgis to be painted by Masnah. We then held a Social Web3 Trivia Night and Happy Hour with Women in Web3 at Sour Mouse. This event brought many people together in teams while combining their knowledge on Web3 trivia questions. Finally, our last and final event of the year was the Introspection art show by Jenny Yu and an after party at Alpha House. Her art pieces were displayed all over the house as hundreds of people came to this event, including the Co-Founder of Origin Protocol, Josh Fraser. This was a great way to end the year and in a way came full circle as we mesmerized folks by the art of another talented female artist. 

Our first year is something that definitely surpassed our initial expectations and goals. We had no idea how much we would grow and how great of a community we would establish in such a short period of time. The people we met on this journey from hosting events, supporting  artists, and supporting small businesses have inspired us as well as hundreds of women and minorities, making people feel comfortable to join the Web3 space and to want to learn more. BubbleDAO isn’t your average social DAO. We put our best foot forward to grow, educate, and believe in our community. As the 2022 year comes to an end, we want to give a big special Thank You to every single person who has supported us and made BubbleDAO what it is today. Cheers to new adventures and memories, and cheers to being one very special bubble!

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