Build Elfiverse NFTs that Evolve: Three Ideas for the Element Community

Hey Builders!

We’ve met so many awesome builders at recent hackathons across the globe (Denver, Prague, NYC). We love your energy and want to remind you that hacking doesn’t have to be limited to a time and place. It can happen anywhere, anytime. 

Below are some ideas of interesting tracks to follow, but the only limit is your imagination.

Idea 1: Build Elfiverse NFTs that Evolve Using On-Chain Data

One of the most exciting things about NFTs that sets them apart from meatspace art is their ability to dynamically update and evolve before your eyes. This can reflect anything, from NFT-specific mechanics like an unlock or mutation provided through another NFT, to reflecting actions performed on-chain without any input from the user. For example, Metagame is building open-source technology to turn every on-chain transaction into a story 📔.

What dynamic traits would you like to see in an NFT that represents your identity within a DeFi protocol? It could track your usage of the protocol, contributions to the DAO, or anything you can think of… possibly even leading to your NFT levelling up.

Levelling up Elfiverse NFT with features
Levelling up Elfiverse NFT with features

Idea 2: Elfi Marketplace / Pools for Trading & Staking

Being able to easily trade between different members of a collection helps users find the perfect NFT for them. NFTx allows those indifferent between items in a collection to stake their NFTs and earn fees from transactions in a pool. allows collective ownership of a single NFT, which can open up other interesting applications. SudoSwap just launched their NFT AMM that provides custom liquidity curves, while their OTC trade system is open and well-suited for 1-for-1 trades.

Which of these methods would allow Elfiverse residents to be their best Elf?

Idea 3: Use NFTs to Create Custom Voting Vaults

Part of the rich Elfiverse universe is the Council Protocol that allows for custom voting vaults. Voting Vaults let builders specify who gets to vote, what their voting power is, and for what purpose. 

  • What would an Elf NFT voting vault look like? 
  • Who should get to vote? NFT holders only? 
  • Are certain NFT traits a requirement for voting?
  • Can you add a multiplier to votes based on NFT traits?
  • What kind of niche communities could this empower? 

Maybe separate Elf bands could harness their creative power in certain areas, kind of like a working group? Take an Orca Pod for example, but make it Elfiverse. Governance nerds even get excited about alternative voting methods, but which type makes sense for governing the Element DAO?

Next Steps

With the recent launch of governance, the Element DAO is open and eager to hear your ideas! Pick something you’re passionate about, either from this list or propose your own, and join the Element community to build it. 

Join our Discord if you have any more questions, and post in #elfiverse

If you’re looking for a team member or someone to build or collaborate with you, comment on your idea, skillset and background on the forum.

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