Sensei Monthly Roundup, September 2023: Lido +1000 validators, Stakewise Oracle, and more

Hey there 👋 Here’s a brand new overview of the top updates coming from SenseiNode last month, including new services and product improvements, team efforts and more.

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New Validators

  • Lido

    We’ve activated more than 1000 validators for Lido during September!

  • BuenBit

    Buenbit is already active at #LaChain by Ripio! We connected the exchange´s validator to begin its participation in this new Latin American blockchain alliance 🚀

LaChain is the first blockchain focused on providing regional solutions, built with major Latin American companies such as Num Finance, Cedalio Tech, Buenbit and SenseiNode.

  • StakeWise Oracle

    We are an Oracle Operator for the first non-custodial liquid staking protocol on Ethereum, StakeWise!

StakeWise revolutionizes Ethereum's decentralization with its innovative non-custodial liquid staking solution, offering users the freedom to select their own staking providers and join a staking pool without any minimum ETH requirement.

Their Oracles Nodes are distributed geographically 🌎  bridging the gap between the Beacon Chain and Eth1, independently reading and submitting the balances of all pool validators from the Beacon Chain to the on-chain system

Stakewise V3 Mainnet release is out soon. Stay tuned!


Obol - Mainnet Alpha DVs and Tests

Back in June, we deployed our first Distributed Validator Solo Cluster in Obol Network Alpha Release  to help bringing Distributed Validators to the Ethereum Mainnet.

We’re early adopters of DVT — ranking #12 globally ‼️

Now, as they continue to progress towards its full V1 launch, they’ve shared key updates on its Alpha phase and upcoming Ecosystem Performance Testing efforts.

Read here:

✳︎ + 45 orgs are now collaborating on Mainnet

✳︎ Large Operators Performance Testing

✳︎ High Uptime and Efectiveness

✳︎ At-Home Validator Participation


  • Messari’s Mainnet 2023 🔘 September 20-22nd. Pier 36, New York.

Sensei Talks

Sensei Talks Diva - Sept 6th

Pablo Villalba presented Diva Staking, a Liquid Staking protocol powered by DVT technology that extends Ethereum PoS with new functionalities for Stakers and Operators.

🔗 Listen to the #SenseiTalks here.

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