Sensei Monthly Roundup, May 2023: SUI Staking, DOT in Latam and More!

Hey! Here’s the fourth roundup of the year. An overview of the top innovations coming from SenseiNode, including product enhancements and team efforts. Stay tuned!


Our team has been selected to participate as Genesis Validators on the SUI Mainnet, after being early adopters on their highly anticipated testnet.**

🔗 Link to Explorer:

You can stake your $SUI with us and enjoy the rewards!

Here's how:

  1. Download SuiWallet extension & create a wallet

  2. Locate @senseinode on Sui explorer or visit our validator page

  3. Delegate your SUI to our validator.

  4. Voilà! Your coins are staked & ready to grow!

First Polkadot Validator in Latin America

Polkadot is a next-generation blockchain platform designed to provide interoperability and scalability to the blockchain ecosystem.

Polkadot enables scalability by allowing specialized blockchains to communicate with each other in a secure, trust-free environment.

We’re thrilled to be the first ambassadors in our region for such a game-changer network!

Thanks to Web3Foundation for the support. ✊

Link to Explorer:

Rocket Pool

SenseiNode is now the largest Node Operator for Rocket Pool in Latin America, with 52 active staking Minipools!

Link to explorer:

Rocket Pool is a key actor on the Ethereum Staking ecosystem, driving a trustless and permissionless solution with a network of decentralized node operators.


We are working as the only Node Operator in Latam participating in the Lido pilot for Distributed Validator Technology, across both leading DVT technologies: Obol and SSV.

Distributed Validator Technology enables multiple Node Operators to run distributed validators, decreasing single points of failure and providing important benefits across decentralization and diversity, infrastructure resilience, and security.

Lido on Ethereum: DVT Pilot with SSV Network
Lido on Ethereum: DVT Pilot with SSV Network


Distributed Validator Technology — Pilot w/ Obol Network
Distributed Validator Technology — Pilot w/ Obol Network


The Office

May 2nd—5th: Sensei Offsite

Last week we had an amazing opportunity to take a break from our routines, connect with each other and recharge batteries.

The offsite was a chance to step out of our usual (remote) work environment and engage in outdoor activities, brainstorming sessions, and discussions about our shared goals.

New perspectives to bring back to the workplace and mission! Go Sensei 🚀

🗓 May the 4th be with you: Red Innova Networking.

In between our exciting itinerary, we had time to to build stronger connections with the community @ Red Innova : Web3 + AI— The meetup of the Blockchain  Leaders in Latin America.

A day to share ideas and opportunities to inspire and learn together.

Team Sensei ‼️
Team Sensei ‼️

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