Sensei Monthly Roundup, November 2023.

Hey there 👋 Here’s a brand new overview of the top updates coming from SenseiNode last month, including new services and product improvements, team efforts and more.

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Staking for Retail

StakeWise V3 launched on mainnet! We are glad to be part of this milestone being Oracle and Vault Operators.

Now the retail users can stake their $ETH without minimum, check our Vault here.

We also had an amazing X space with them and other Vault Operators to talk about the impact for Ethereum, you can check it out here.

New Validators

We’ve activated 7000 validators for Lido Finance and much more are coming!

Latam is finally on the spot and covered in blue due our set of validators! We reached the 0.82% of the network and we’re looking forward to reach the 1% 🎉

Obol x Lido x SenseiNode

Lido Finance activated their #DVT clusters with Obol Labs Inc. on Holeski Testnet and we are part of it!

We are participating in 2 clusters, alongside other node operators:

Hardy HippoSenseiNode (as coordinators), Web3DAO, Anvel, H20 Nodes GmbH and #SoloStakers

Fierce FalconSenseiNode (as participants), SpaceX and #SoloStakers

Operator Working group at Eigen Layer

Eigen Layer launched their Operator Working Group on Testnet and we are part of it!

Here you can check our card.


Staking Summit

We were part of the Jury for the ‘Protocol Validator pitch’ at Staking Summit and enjoyed thoughtful talks about the future of staking en ETH!


We participated in the biggest Bitcoin event in Latin America with three talks, “Todo lo que tenés que saber sobre Staking en ETH” “Cómo correr tu propio nodo de ETH” & “El rol del Staking en gaming”.

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