Sensei Monthly Roundup, April 2023: New Dashboard Features, and More!

Hey! Here’s the third roundup of the year. An overview of the top innovations coming from SenseiNode, including product enhancements and team efforts. Stay tuned!

New Validators Activated

SenseiNode is staying up to date with the ultimate blockchain protocols in the ecosystem.


Sui’s highly anticipated Permanent Testnet has finally arrived! And we’re participating as one of the 95 validators across the globe.

“Long-running. Permissionless. Decentralized.”


We’ve activated a Validator into Atlantic, the new closed testnet for StakeWise v3.

StakeWise is a Gnosis Chain and Ethereum-based liquid-staking pool. StakeWise V3 is a major upgrade to the StakeWise protocol aiming to** help decentralize Ethereum.
**Thanks to its modular design, it enables users to access liquid staking services in an unmatched way.

“The goal of Atlantic is to stretch the core StakeWise V3 architecture to its capacity and identify the most serious issues & bugs before public testing.”

New Features

  • New UI

  • Performance and Gains data.

  • ETH/USD switcher for gains.

  • Area Chart to visualize major values fluctuation in different periods of time.

  • Monitor External Validators.

Validator technical information and performance characteristics are now much more easily displayed through a unique view that groups Gains data and Performance data for all the clients nodes.

The new User Interface provides a clear visibility for different gain/performance values: Total Balance, Total Rewards, Past 24 hs Rewards, MEV Rewards, APR, Effectiveness; and adds an area graph to show historical changes for every relevant data, including: Total Balance, Missed Attestations, Proposed Blocks, Missed Blocks, among others.

Add external validators

  • Monitor your ETH Validators from external sources. Get all your data together in one place!

Try it Now:

This month forecast

🚀 Shapella Upgrade

The next major upgrade for Ethereum will take place today ‼️ (April 12) following a successful update on the Goerli testnet.

The upgrade, dubbed Shanghai and Capella, or Shapella in short, will activate staked ETH withdrawals on Ethereum. It will allow validator node operators to realize rewards they have accumulated through Beacon Chain issuance and enable validators to fully exit from the network by unstaking their principal deposits of 32 ETH.


Shapella will allow senseistake holders to withdraw their NFT, as long as they have already fulfilled the minimum permanence period of 6 months since they minted.

News coming soon 🥂

🗓 April 21: Red Innova Summit: Web3 + AI + DeFi + Staking

The meetup of Blockchain ecosystem leaders in Latin America.

A day to connect, inspire and learn together, sharing ideas and opportunities under a very special Open Air networking proposal at Isla El Descanso, Tigre.

Tickets available:

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