Sensei Monthly Roundup, March 2023: New Protocols, DVT Staking, DevOps and More

Hey! Here’s the second roundup of the year. An overview of the top innovations coming from SenseiNode, including product enhancements and team efforts. Stay tuned!


  • Verified Nodes-As-A-Service Providers for Ethereum

We’re on the official list for node providers.

“Node service providers run distributed node clients behind the scenes for you, so you don't have to.”

The main benefit for using a node service is not having to spend engineering time maintaining and managing nodes yourself. This allows you to focus on building your product rather than having to worry about infrastructure maintenance.

Check by yourself:

  • New Protocols Available

    We are keeping up with the ecosystem most avant-garde releases, so now you can host, deploy and manage nodes on six new blockchain protocols that we’ve added to our list:

  • DevOps-As-A-Service
  • Now you can outsource your staking operations and ship faster.

    We set up the deployment of nodes for all leading blockchains, creating scalable solutions that suits your business needs to continue delivering improvements on the latest crypto scenarios.

  • Tailor-Made Solutions

  • The Most Cost Effective Datatransfer. -50% vs global cloud providers

  • Geographically and Datacenter Decentralized


SenseiNode is actively working to integrate the Distributed Validation Technology (DVT).

  • Sensei on the SSV Network

SSV Network is a fully decentralized, open-source ETH staking network. It provides an open and simple infrastructure for splitting and distributing a validator key into multiple KeyShares, for the purpose of running an Ethereum validator across multiple non-trusting nodes.

Check our Node:

This week forecast

📍 We’re on EthereumDenver! A community #BUIDLing the decentralized future.

Catch us to talk about Nodes, Infrastructure and Staking.

Pablo Larguia (CEO) and Martin Fernandez (CBO) are representing Sensei Team in the conference.

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