Sensei Monthly Roundup, October 2023.

Hey there 👋 Here’s a brand new overview of the top updates coming from SenseiNode last month, including new services and product improvements, team efforts and more.

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New Validators

  • Lido

    We’ve activated more than 2700 validators in October! This is a huge milestone for us, for Lido and for Latam.

You can watch live the validators we activate in the following link. We are closer to our goal of 7000 validators and growing faster than we expected.

We are Infra Providers on Flare

Flare's vision is to stand out in a new era where data operates as a public asset, uninhibited by central controls and free for collective consumption.

We have a dual role in the infrastructure of Flare. We have enabled two native oracles, the FTSO and the State Connector.

Our nodes run on dedicated Bare Metal servers, with uptime monitoring and real-time security.

Find out more about Flare and our role as Infrastucture providers in our recent article!

Connecting with the LATAM community

Sensei Node could become the platform that provides new locations in emerging economies like Latam in order to offer the level of decentralization that protocols like Lido Finance are seeking.

Staking a escala y el panorama regional

In the X space with EthKipu, we explore challenges in Latam, the role of Sensei Node as node operators in LidoFinance, geographic decentralization, the future of staking, and our operations in Latam.

You can read the summary in the following link.


We are part of LaBitconf!

We’ll be participating in three talks at LaBitconf! The biggest event of Bitcoin in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Rocio, our Exec Ops will be talking about everything you need to know about staking #ETH.

Nicole, our Community Manager, will participate in a Workshop alongside Mateo from SeedLatam to teach the participants how to run an #Ethereum node.

Sura Gaming invited us to talk at LaBitconf too, and we’ll be talking about the rol of staking in the gaming industry. Nicole and Alberto will be the key speakers!

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