Sensei Monthly Roundup, August 2023: Lido Node Operators; Diva Testnet, Ethereum Argentina!

Hey there 👋 Here’s a brand new overview of the top updates coming from SenseiNode last month, including new services and product improvements, team efforts and more.

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Liquid Staking: Lido

A major step forward! SenseiNode joins Lido as the first Node Operator from Latam.

During July 2023, the Lido DAO voted to accept two new Ethereum node operators to join the Lido on Ethereum Node Operator set.

The Snapshot vote to onboard Launchnodes and SenseiNode reflects the Stage 1 shortlist that the Lido Node Operator Subgovernance Group (LNOSG) suggested to the DAO following the Stage 1 evaluation meeting.

Within our firsts steps, we’ve have deployed and activated 100 validators for Lido during August.

One of the goals for this round is to increase presence of NOs in under-represented geographies.

Take a good look at this image taken from the Q2/'23 Lido Ethereum Node & Validator Metrics Report! This is the last time you’ll see Latam in blank.

Stader ETHx Mainnet Node Operators.

Our validators for Stader ETH are activated! We’ve deployed 7 permisionless validators to secure the network.

New Validators

  • Diva

    We've activated a validator on the DIVA testnet, an ETH Liquid Staking protocol eagerly anticipated for its utilization of cutting-edge DVT technology.


Ethereum Argentina got us! 🔘 August 16-19th. CEC, Buenos Aires.

We were present at the ThinkandDev and Meta Pool’s Side Event with our Co-Founder and CBO Martin Fernandez, at the Staking on Ethereum Panel.

Sensei Talks

In the latest episode of SenseiTalks we talked about LaChain: a blockchain built entirely by Latin American companies such as Ripio, Num Finance, Cedalio Tech, SenseiNode and buenbit to offer an ecosystem for use cases of companies and projects designed in the region 🤝🌎

Sensei Talks Lachain - Aug 16th

🔗 Listen to the spaces here.

  • Luciana Reznik, Co-Founder at Cedalio Tech, gave us a broad overview of the landscape of opportunities with blockchain in Latin America.

  • Agustin Liserra, CEO at NumFinance says that the key to the development of a #blockchain for Latin America has to be in the transactionality, and there it is key to control two parameters: the speed of execution and the cost of transactions.

  • Is there any idea? Ariel Nader, Project Manager of Lachain at Ripio invited the community of entrepreneurs to join to present and discuss via discord!

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