SenseiNode is a Node Operator for the Stader Network

Permissionless Node Operators for Stader ETHx Mainnet

We’ve deployed 7 non-permissioned validators for Stader, helping secure the network under this responsabilities:

What is Stader?

Start liquid staking securely across multiple chains

Stader’s mission is to unlock a passive income opportunity for 1Bn+ people through staking and DeFi

Stader is a multi-chain, non-custodial liquid staking protocol on six chains, including Polygon, Fantom, BNB, NEAR, Hedera, and Terra 2.0. With over $120 Mn in TVL across chains, Stader is trusted by 70K+ wallets and a community of 150K+ members.


Stader is a prominent non-custodial, multi-chain liquid staking platform that simplifies the discovery & utilization of liquid staking solutions across various Proof-of-Stake blockchains.

The platform integrates with over 50 DeFi and ecosystem partners, including Aave, Balancer, Quickswap, Ledger, and others, thereby providing users a diverse array of instant liquidity options. Stader's contracts are fortified by multi-layer security measures, including rigorous audits via top trusted partners, vigilant on-chain monitoring, and bug bounty programs. With a long-term vision to bring onboard the next billion users into the world of staking and DeFi opportunities, Stader is on a continuous path to make staking simpler and accessible and contribute towards a more decentralized crypto ecosystem in the future.

What is liquid staking?

Liquid staking is a concept in blockchain technology that allows token holders to stake their tokens (participate in the network's consensus and receive rewards) while maintaining liquidity of their assets.

Liquid Staking allows users to mint a token that represents their staked assets and grows in value as staking rewards accrue. The token will have wide acceptance in Defi and hence allow users to participate in both securing the network via staking and pursue Defi rewards.

How is Stader secure?

  • They do continuous review and testing of all code.

  • Perform regular audits of smart contracts by external auditors (10+ successful audits across multiple chains).

  • Using Multi-sig admin accounts for changing smart contract parameters.

Stader Node and EthX

Since withdrawals have been enabled, marking the successful conclusion of Ethereum's transition to PoS, the interest in staking ETH and running Ethereum validators has been on the rise.

ETHx is an innovative liquid staking token developed by Stader, designed to revolutionize Ethereum staking. Their vision for ETHx is to transform the staking experience, providing users with the unprecedented freedom to move and utilize their staked ETH while continuing to earn rewards and engage with the growing DeFi ecosystem.

ETHx is built to reduce technical and capital barriers to running nodes on Ethereum and empowering smaller node operators is of the highest importance for Stader. Stader’s ETHx permissionless pool lets anyone operate a node with 4.4 ETH of asset collateral [4 ETH + 0.4ETH worth of SD (Stader’s governance token)]

ETHx is live on mainnet since July 10th.

“With ETHx, we pledge to keep Ethereum decentralized by building a liquid staking solution that is accessible, reliable and rewarding. You can learn more about how we intend to uphold this pledge here.”

📖 More Info

Stader’s ETHx: Now live on mainnet (updated on July 10th)

ETHx Security:

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