We've built something for Latam: LaChain

Ripio presented the first blockchain focused on providing regional solutions, built with major Latin American companies such as Num Finance, Cedalio Tech, Buenbit and SenseiNode.

  • It is a fast and low-cost first-layer (L1) blockchain.

  • Its development is focused on use cases that benefit Latin American individuals and institutions.

  • It will be maintained by a group of companies in the blockchain industry and will have its own native token.

Build for_LatAm

A secure, fast and reliable blockchain geared to the needs of users in Latin America.

Blockchain technology is ready to take off as an internet-like network of interconnected networks. A large quantity of block space is required to achieve scalability, and through an organic process called sharding, blockchains can develop a complex web of interconnected spaces to help with their scalability. With the arrival of LaChain, Latin America, an emerging market, justifies having its own dedicated block space. This will allow the region to utilize the advantages of blockchain technology more effectively and in a way that is tailored to regional demands.

LaChain is a blockchain that was designed to tackle the urgent economic problems that are common in Latin America.

The platform is built to host use cases that are specially crafted to meet the particular difficulties that local businesses and individuals face.

  • Retail payments.

  • Settlement of international transactions and remittances.

  • Decentralized Identity Systems.

The motivation behind LaChain is to establish a whole ecosystem that brings benefits to regional users, by promoting blockchain as the basis of an ongoing revolution in the emerging Latam market. Through improved financial capabilities and novel experiences that prioritize user empowerment, LaChain aims to place individuals at the center of this transformation, allowing them to have full ownership of their assets.


LaChain is a blockchain made available by a consortium made up of companies with experience in the crypto industry: Ripio, SenseiNode, Num Finance, Cedalio y Buenbit that together keep active and rule LaChain. The global objective of these organizations is to democratize and expand the use of blockchain technologies to users in Latin America and the world.

Consensus mechanism

The IBFT PoA (Byzantine Fault Tolerant Proof of Authority) is the consensus mechanism in LaChain. In PoA, validators are the ones responsible for creating the blocks and adding them to the blockchain in a series. All of the validators take turns in proposing the next block (round-robin), and for the block to be validated/inserted in the blockchain, a supermajority (more than 2/3) of the validators must approve the said block.

The plan for the future is move to Proof of Stake (PoS).


Polygon-Edge: Industry leading technology & Partner eco-system

LaChain is based on Polygon-Edge, a Polygon’s scaling solution known for its modular architecture, extensibility, efficiency in bridging public to permissioned networks, and low gas fees. 

Polygon Edge is a modular and extensible framework for building Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, quickly.



LaChain has its native token called LaCoin (LAC) with a fixed supply. $LAC is non-inflationary and serves as the means for users to pay transaction fees on the network.

LaCoin can be acquired in Ripio Trade

With the mainnet launch and the availability of LaCoin, we are now fully prepared for project development on the network.


  • Non-inflationary.

  • Total supply of 10,000,000,000,000.

  • Used to pay transaction fees.

Block Explorer

LaChain has an Explorer where you can view blocks, transactions, and blockchain network metrics.

Get to know more:

“We’ve built something for Latam” - LaChain Presentation @ Modular by Ripio.

A panel with Ignacio Roizman (SenseiNode) together with Sebastián Serrano (Ripio) and Mariano Di Pietrantonio (NumFinance)


Stay tuned for another episode of SenseiTalks via Twitter Spaces! We’re planning a consortium meetup with key collaborators from Ripio, NumFinance, Cedalio Tech and SenseiNode to discover more about this new project.

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