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Sports media hub Breaking The Lines is looking for you to partner on a Web3 project focused on sports digital media.

The project's goal is to create a curated digital football experience made by independent content creators, with the FIFA World Cup this November as the first milestone.

Breaking the Lines has the vision to build an internet-native business that’s collectively owned and managed by its core members.

Embracing a decentralization plan that is built, operated, ruled, and owned by its users.
Putting the power in the hands of individuals rather than centralized in a single corporation.

What’s the problem in traditional media?

  • Unsatisfied increasing demand for content
  • Old rigid hierarchical structures
  • Media Monopolization

Addressable Market

  • According to CISCO, the sports media industry will be a$90B business by 2027
  • Sports editorial platform expects ~$100M revenue in 2022

Critical Components of the Project

NFT Subscription Tiers

Future editions will be dropped with diverse editions numbers as determined by the core-community

Additionally there’s an extra tier for a limited time for BTL’s loyal audience(Web2 /non-crypto adopters).
Rewarding them with a web2 lifetime subscription for their continuous support of the project.

Storytelling & Data

“Football is a sport that closes the gap between societies, speaks a universal language, and creates a strong sense of community and empathy. That’s a phrase I’ve been reading and repeating as a mantra over the past four years, and I’ve now added technology to the equation, a spicy ingredient for the complex recipe in spread inclusion, positivity, and better understanding amongst fans.”

How Digital Media Is Replicating the “Underdog Effect” Found in Football

At Breaking The Lines, we believe that sports journalism has evolved around inclusion, empathy, and expansion as core values. Working to give creators the freedom to distribute their content to a global audience and provide football fans access to curated deep analysis and data-driven insights.**

Engagement & Team

(without external funding or use of ads)
(without external funding or use of ads)

Breaking The Lines is a decentralized media hub for independent sports writers, led by Zach Lowy, the co-founder, international football influencer, and Editor in Chief for BTL. He focuses on facilitating the distribution of content from more than 300 creators to a highly-engaged platform and providing football/soccer fans access to curated deep analysis.

On a single (digital) platform, we want to bring together a diverse group of people who are passionate about football - from content creators to software developers, data analysts, sports consultants, and investors.

Inclusion is a cornerstone of our approach - we drive an open process for anyone to contribute to this community.

In a nutshell, we gathered experience from accelerator programs (Seed Club) in organizing, nurturing, and building solid relationships towards any community project and its success.

“Build to Earn” Rewards Vision

BTL has one of the lowest operating costs in the sports media business.

Our mission is to create a reliable sports media platform that empowers those creating value and rewards digital journalists who aren’t just covering mainstream topics, but illuminating sports subjects that are underrepresented in the media today.

Our goal is to enable users to analyze a wide variety of subjects in football and give them the freedom to challenge themselves as content creators.


ETH Allocation - Capital Usage

We have been operating in a decentralized manner since our inception five years ago, bootstrapped without the tools to truly scale our offering and give ownership to the people who are creating value… until now.

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible and suddenly you’re doing the impossible”

2 Editions
Collectable NFTs available exclusively for backers.