McBit White Paper
  1. Introduction to McBit
  2. What’s with the Receipts?
  3. Benefits of Being a Receipt Holder
  4. What are BitShakes
  5. McBitClicker
  6. IRL Restaurants
  7. Minting Process
  8. DAO/Roadmap Forward
  9. Thank You!

Hey, I’m Khalid or as most of you know me as, Top Chef. I’m a UI Designer with experience in Game Design, Smart Contract Development, Marketing, and a fellow degen. McBit consists of a team of five including developers and artists. This project was created from our love of Web3 and taking the initiative to push education of NFTs and Web3, and what better way than with food ;)

McBit is not just a collection, it is a Web3 brand built through NFTs. The flagship collection of receipts consists of 6500 uniquely delicious orders on the Ethereum Blockchain. It’s my intent to build a thriving ecosystem of related software and IRL experiences which all touch back on the first 6500 Receipts.

Generally speaking, The ultimate goal is to launch restaurants to eat and network with other McBitians, community DAO, passive income platforms, and Play2Earn games. We project to be a pillar in the new world: brand deals, established ghost restaurants (similar to Mr. Beast Burger), a game studio, maybe a metaverse. This project will evolve to be an all-encompassing experience for our holders.

Disclaimer: Yes we are authorized to use the “Mc” name which is obviously a big part of a certain fast-food giant. “Mc” is free use and cannot be copyrighted.

2. What’s with the Receipts?

McBit consists of 6500 receipts which represent an order from McBit’s ever expanding menu. These receipts serve as a utility token that grant the holder numerous perks and advantages.

-Access to McBitClicker P2E

-IRL Pop-up restaurant V.I.P. Status (ie. free meals, merch, giveaway admission + more)

-The Franchise DAO membership

-Exclusive access to future McBit collections, merch, airdrops and more

-Ability to earn McBitBucks token by staking or holding all McBit assets

Each receipt consists of and Entree, Side, Drink, Dessert, and Toy

There are over 40 menu items per category bringing the number of different items to around 200 individually delicious items to collect.

We chose to attack the PFP dominance that we see from virtually every project these days and innovate as far as art and utility. No two receipts are the same with each item varying in rarity in the form of teirs. Receipts are assigned based on a rarity chart which will remain obfuscated for drop security purposes. We have taken great care to ensure that all properties feel unique and different. We are bullish on variety!

Plus they look super sick on a phone I mean what NFT is optimized for a phone like these lol. Easy to flex to your degen friends ;)

3. Benefits of Being a Receipt Holder

As mentioned above, McBit receipts are intended to provide utility to holders in numerous ways. Not only are they super collectible much like Pokemon or Sports cards, as long as your holding these receipts your GMI.

You’ll have the ability to make decisions on the projects future while earning the anticipated native toke $MBB. You’ll be able to access McBitClicker, the first P2E Idle game currently in alpha with a full P2E release coming very soon. You’ll have special status at the McBit Pop-ups where you'll hang with the team, share meals and ideas, win tons of free stuff, and showcase your collection to the world. You’ll have access to airdrops in the form of exclusive NFTs and $MBB. A staking platform, profit sharing, free merch, and holding a piece of history that will appreciate as we grow into the Web3 giant that we strive to become.

Not only do you receive all these awesome perks, you’ll also be supporting a noble cause as we fight world hunger with a massive donation to the No Kid Hungry foundation.

4. What are BitShakes

On February 24, we released 160 BitShakes for Free. This was meant to be a fun thing for the community to add to the legend of McBit. The plans for these BitShakes are still up in the air, but we thought of a couple things to do with these shakes.

-An upgrade in McBitClicker which allow you to earn more $MBB

-160 custom T-shirts with your BitShake on it and a unique message

-Ownsership would qualify holders for exclusive giveaways and airdrops

Check out the shakes on Opensea!

5. McBitClicker

Where do we start with this? McBitClicker was an idea in the very early stages of the project, coming from the soft spot in my heart for clicker games, especially Cookie Clicker. I grew up on games like these and would find myself stuck in the infinite loop of clicking for sometimes weeks on end. I always loved the casual nature of these idle games and the progression and satisfaction of coming back to your computer with billions of new cookies.

McBitClicker is the first P2E clicker/idle game that reveloves around an NFT project. This game will be free to play for everyone through the google play store, IOS app store, and once fully released, on the browser on the McBit Official website. Although anyone can play, you must hold a receipt to access P2E through connecting your wallet prior to launching the game on the browser. McBitClicker will be an opensource game for holders, meaning you will be able to make changes to the game in which the team will review and incorporate if agreed upon. Any changes made to the game by one of you awesome minds will be rewarded HEAVILY.

We are a small dev team so I can’t provide any details on how we plan to incorporate P2E for McBitClicker, but we promise to provide updates periodically as we continue to develop the game. McBitClicker is currently available for PC and Android. Apple makes it a little difficult to add games to the app store but there is an IOS version as well, just waiting for apple approval. Play the game here!



6. IRL Restaurants

The main mission of McBit and our claim to fame will be our community selected pop-up restaurants in the US and hopefully Europe. We plan to connect the community of not only McBitians, but also serve as a gateway into the world of Web3 for newcomers as an easily digestible form of education (no pun intended). These pop-ups will be the breeding ground for the next phases of McBit.

What you can expect for the first McBit Pop-ups:

-Giveaways and Contests for holders

-NFT art gallery

-Community curated menu items including Burgers, Fries, Chicken Sandwiches, Drinks, and Shakes

-Exclusive Merch

-Sponsorships from other projects and Web3 brands

We hope to host the first 3 Locations in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles but holders do get to vote on where we go. Kudos to Andy Nguyen of Food Fighters Universe for creating Bored and Hungry, which is a similar experience to the McBit Pop-ups but for BAYC holders. For more info on Bored and Hungry and what you can expect from McBit’s upcoming pop-ups, read this amazing article by HypeBeast. Shout out Andy Nguyen and Food Fighters Universe and we hope to be working with you very soon!

7. Minting Process

The genesis mint for McBit is scheduled for late April 2022. We decided to not do a whitelist for this release to avoid the toxicity and monotony of whitelist grinding. Education and adaptation should be on a wider scale, not confined to the few who are lucky and early.

  • 6500 Receipts will be available
  • 20 NFTs per wallet
  • Mint Price will be 0.05 ETHper + gas
  • 7.5% Royalty on all future secondary market sales
  • Minting may be paused for security reasons but will otherwise remain open until all 6500 NFTs are collected

The intent of this project is to build an all-encompassing ecosystem through Web3 and NFTs. This is not meant to be a get-rich-quick scheme. It is the goal of this project to build something long-term and self-sustaining. Minting fee distribution is coded into the smart contract and available for all to see.

Mint Distribution:

  • 22.75% to our Team
  • 30% to our community DAO
  • 47.25% to the development pool to hire and pay people a fair wage to develop the next phase(s)

8. DAO/Roadmap Forward

“Traditionally, businesses have been set up with a founder, CEO, or some other governing body, and maybe even a board of directors. This person or small group has all the say in the direction the business takes. Every decision that’s made, every mission or goal it pursues, is solely at the discretion of that centralized governing body.

Typically, with these traditionally built companies, the further away from the centralized governing body you are, the less influence you have. There’s usually a president, founder, or CEO at the top, followed by a vice president, manager, supervisor, team leader, and then an employee. And as you go down the ladder, people have less and less value attached to their opinion about what the company is doing and why.

With a DAO, this hierarchy doesn’t exist. Everyone is simply a member of the organization, with equal say and equal voting power based on the structure of the DAO. And the person who created the DAO could at any point leave the organization and everyone else would carry on the mission.

The real power behind NFTs and DAOs is in the smart contract coded into them. By using the smart contract, businesses can cut out a lot of red tape. The smart contracts work on triggers and actions: if this, then that. In other words, if this trigger happens, then this action happens.”


NFTs and DAOs: How They Work Together

A big part of the next steps of McBit will revolve around our The Franchise DAO. This will be the community DAO for the holders of McBit Receipts. Membership into The Franchise will be verified through a free mint for holders of receipts. Members will be able to vote and voice suggestions for the next phase(s) for McBit and earn McBitBucks along the way through staking. 30% of the genesis mint will be allocated to The Franchise Vault. Members will be able to earn McBitBucks by staking their Franchise Exclusive NFTs. The Franchise allows holders to have direct involvement in the future of McBit. As the project grows, so will the Franchise vault meaning everyone involved will win.

Thank you!!

If you made it to the end of this document… holy shit thank you for taking the time. The only reason that McBit exists is because of the new world we are building and we strive to become a pillar in this ever-expanding world of Web3. The fact that others like yourself are passionate enough to give your time to this project emboldens us to continue on! Thank you.

Below are our official links, please get in touch!

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