GM, Derps! ☀️

$DERP token launch is setting a major milestone for DerpDEX , but we are just getting started! We have a lot in plan for $DERP token to be utilized in the DerpDEX ecosystem, both short term and long term!

Let’s take a quick tour on what can you do with $DERP on DerpDEX?

  1. Farm
    -Genesis LP farming
    -Yield booster (announcing soon)

  2. Trade
    -$DERP TGE launch trading competition
    -Loyalty program

  3. Stake
    -Stake $DERP to get yield booster multiplier (announcing soon)
    -Stake $DERP to participate in snapshot voting (upcoming)
    -Stake $DERP to enjoy launchpad IDO WL (upcoming)
    -Stake $DERP to enjoy protocol earning sharing (upcoming)

Farm, Trade and Stake with your $DERP on DerpDEX!

To celebrate $DERP launch, we are initiating the $DERP TGE Launch Campaign with a total of 2.4% airdrop and additional cash prize by incentivizing $DERP trading on DerpDEX and providing immediate use cases and benefits to the $DERP holders.

Campaign Duration: November 21 - December 20, 2023

🌟The Two Parts in the $DERP TGE Launch Campaign

  1. $DERP Genesis LP Farming - To incentivize liquidity providers on nominated $DERP LP pairs. We have allocated 1.7% airdrop for this category!

  2. Trading Competition (Leaderboard v2) - To incentivize trading on $DERP pairs on DerpDEX. You can win 0.7% airdrop!

How to join these campaigns and what to expect?


At DerpDEX, we've got the secret sauce to supercharge $DERP LP pairs and boost that APR% like crazy! By depositing your capital into DerpDEX, not only will you enjoy better pricing and minimal slippage, but we're also serving up some extra juicy yields on top of it all!

Here are the available $DERP Genesis LP Farming Pairs. 👇

If you already have $DERP and decided to make your tokens work harder for you, head to Genesis farming page and choose your pool and deposit.

Even if you don't own $DERP, users can use our innovative feature Zap-To-Earn to add liquidity instantly and enjoy farming APR! Head to , and choose the token that you have and the amount you want to add to the liquidity pool, and our automation tool will take care of the rest!


Calling all traders and meme lords!🤑 Get ready to pump up that $DERP’s trading volume and make us the numero uno trading volume DEX on zkSync, Base, and opBNB!

We're dishing out some serious incentives to make this happen 😀Come join the party, enjoy the most meme-able trading experience, and let's conquer together!

Some things to take note:

  1. Trading Competition Leaderboard v2 will go LIVE post-TGE (after one week). The first week's trading competition result will be using a snapshot.

  2. The Loyalty program is still ongoing, and $DERP will be included in the program after TGE. This means the traders will have double incentives from both the Loyalty Program and $DERP TGE launch Trading Competition V2!

Eligible swapping pools:









For the $DERP Genesis LP Farming and Trading Competition, check out the table below to understand more details on how it works:

📚 For new users, pls read the technical guide here:

  • Add Liquidity Adding Liquidity to the pool allows Liquidity Providers to earn interest on their assets. Anyone can provide liquidity to DerpDEX for any supported token pool.

  • Swap In DerpDEX, a swap refers to the process of exchanging one ERC20 token for another ERC20 token. The tokens are swapped based on the current liquidity (the value of tokens) in a specific token pool. If the token pool is present in the DEX, the tokens will be swapped directly from the pool.

If you need more guide, check out

We hope your derpy minds are as excited as we are for our upcoming $DERP launch because we are excited to give out the rewards you deserve. So sit back, and get ready to join this fun-tastic and derpy ride to success!

🥁 The Airdrop Distribution!

The airdrop distribution will be released after TGE ,in Q4 2023. Users would be able to claim it from the Airdrop page at website. The airdrop is stackable. Check out the details here

Got Questions?

You can open a ticket on our Discord server so we can help you promptly.

😙 About DerpDEX

DerpDEX combines the best of web3: the perfect blend of “DeFi + memes + NFTs” powering the meme movement on L2 zkSync, Base and opBNB network. By restoring the old glory of derps as internet sensations designed to entertain degens worldwide, we are making derps great again. Trade, earn, stake, and launch crypto with the most ̶a̶u̶t̶i̶s̶t̶i̶c̶ best DEX on the internet. Make derp great again! 😉

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