We are thrilled to let the derps know that DerpDEX’s $DERP is now listed on XY Finance to create a more buy demand for $DERP. XY Finance establishes a thorough cross-chain swap mechanism and seamless user experience for both brands and traders.

About XY Finance

XY Finance connects every chain, swaps every asset, and serves every user here and there. With the ultimate routing across multi-chains, borderless and seamless swapping is simply several clicks away.

As a cross-chain interoperability protocol that aggregates not only DEXs but also bridges, XY Finance helps route assets of various types, with the best rate possible and the top speed & security. Regardless of split or batch transactions, XY Finance helps strike the best price with minimal price impact.


DerpDEX partners with XY Finance and supports cross-chain swap to enable more users across 20+ chains to buy $DERP token from Ethereum network.  This listing will create more liquidity and access to more users across 20+ chains for users to acquire $DERP more easily now.

Any users can trade $DERP at Uniswap on Ethereum. Users can now flash buy-in $DERP by swapping any assets on 20 EVM chains to $DERP in one transaction!

Note: XY Finance currently only supports trading DERP on Ethereum network from 20+ chains. Further integration with DerpDEX on zkSync, Base and opBNB is currently under discussion.

What are the utilities of $DERP on DerpDEX’s zkSync, Base, and opBNB L2 chain?

  • Genesis LP Farming

  • Yield Booster

  • Stake $DERP to get yield booster multiplier

  • Stake $DERP to enjoy launchpad IDO whitelist

$DERP token info here:  https://derpdex.gitbook.io/home/tokenomics/derptoken

DERP meme-coin info on CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/derp

How to Cross-Chain Swap on XY Finance?

You can check the complete details here: https://blog.xy.finance/cross-chain-swap-tutorial/

🤓 About DerpDEX

DerpDEX combines the best of web3: the perfect blend of “DeFi + memes + NFTs”  powering the meme movement on the zkSync, Base, and opBNB L2 networks. By restoring the old glory of derps as internet sensations designed to entertain degens worldwide, we are making derps great again.

Trade, earn, stake, and launch crypto with the most  ̶a̶u̶t̶i̶s̶t̶i̶c̶ best DEX on the internet.

Make derp great again! 😉

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