DerpDEX Integrates OKX wallet for Secured Asset Transfers

We are thrilled to let the derps know that DerpDEX is now integrated with OKX Wallet to offer our users a more secure and decentralized wallet management experience! OKX Wallet is a universal and cross-platform (mobile/web/extension) crypto wallet. The wallet will quickly give you access to 3000+ tokens, thousands of DApps, and a web3 ecosystem.

🚀About OKX Wallet

OKX Wallet is a decentralized multi-chain wallet that enables you to access and explore the Web3 world. With OKX, you have access to over 1,000 DApp protocols and features such as multi-chain and cross-chain DEX, yield farming, NFT marketplace, and DApp discovery. Using the OKX Web3 wallet, you can easily access Ethereum, Arbitrum, OKC, BSC, Aptos, and other networks. This eliminates the need to create multiple wallets for different public chains and simplifies multi-chain asset management. A wallet is all you need for your Web3 experience.

By embedding OKX Wallet into our platform, DerpDEX will now provide users with a more seamless and decentralized way to trade and enhance their user experience. Trusted OKX makes you faster, better, and more potent than your average crypto exchange.


DerpDEX is continuously creating ways of improving the user experience of the protocol to be faster and safer. We believe that OKX Wallet can provide highly efficient solutions for seamless asset transfers, message passing, and data sharing between various Web3 ecosystems.

What are the benefits of using the OKX Wallet?

  • Take full ownership of the assets

  • Withdraw crypto without approval process compared to trading platforms

  • Generate a multi-chain wallet using a set of seed phrases to manage assets on 60+ networks including Ethereum, OKTC, BSC, Arbitrum, zkSync, Aptos, etc. and also support multi-seed phrase import and derivation of addresses.

  • Available on iOS, Android, and web browsers.

Other developers interested in integrating with OKX Wallet can check out the docs at OKX or reach out to their team.

Need help in using OKX Wallet in DerpDEX? Check the guide 👇

🤓 About DerpDEX

DerpDEX combines the best of web3: the perfect blend of “DeFi + memes + NFTs”  powering the meme movement on L2 network. By restoring the old glory of derps as internet sensations designed to entertain degens worldwide, we are making derps great again.

Trade, earn, stake, and launch crypto with the most  ̶a̶u̶t̶i̶s̶t̶i̶c̶ best DEX on the internet.

Make derp great again! 😉

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