DerpDEX x $ZKPEPE AMA Recap!🎙

GM Derps!

A few days ago, we announced our official partnership with zkPEPE, a memecoin that empowers zkSync users to earn more. We believe that this partnership will usher in a new era of trust and confidence for the memecoin ecosystem.

In line with this announcement, we have also hosted a Telegram AMA with the zkPEPE team! Don’t worry if you’ve missed it, you can read the AMA recap to get yourself up to speed.


Q: First, can you give us a deeper overview of zkPEPE? And why do you choose to launch on zkSync?

A: As you can see, zkPEPE is a vibrant meme community token that brings a fun and engaging atmosphere to the zkSync ecosystem. Our choice to launch on zkSync is driven by its scalability and efficiency, providing our members with fast and cost-effective transactions.

It aligns perfectly with our vision of creating a seamless and enjoyable meme experience for the zkPEPE community.❤️

Q: We all know that zkPEPE is really hot right now! With over 700k holders, can you tell our community more about how you plan to build zkPEPE in the short and long term?

A: In the short term, our primary focus revolves around actively engaging with our community, establishing thrilling partnerships, and enhancing utility through features like farming.

Our aim is to maintain and amplify the current momentum. Additionally, we aspire to secure listings on more top-tier centralized exchanges, ensuring the continued strength and growth of our community.

In the long term, our vision involves introducing innovative features, broadening use cases, and solidifying zkPEPE's position as a pivotal player in the meme community within the zkSync ecosystem.

Our focus remains on fostering sustained growth, injecting a sense of enjoyment, and crafting enduring value for our fantastic community! We look forward to the continuous support and growth of our community alongside us.

Q: What made you decide to partner with DerpDEX, the most meme-able DEX on L2?

A:  We are excited about our collaboration with DerpDEX, which promises mutual benefits for our community members. DerpDEX's distinctive combination of MEME, DEX, and a thriving ecosystem, along with its established reputation and engaged community, resonates with our vision.

The cooperation with DerpDEX provides our community with a fresh platform to trade $ZKPEPE and participate in yield farming for additional $ZKPEPE and $DERP rewards.

We've established a dynamic partnership with DerpDEX, bringing together the best of both worlds—meme culture and decentralized trading.

Q: For our next question, $ZKPEPE and $DERP are hot in the market right now. What role do you think memecoin will play in the next bull market?

A:  In the current market hype, $ZKPEPE and $DERP have gained significant traction. Looking ahead to the next bull market, I believe memecoins will continue to play a crucial role in driving excitement, engagement, and potentially substantial gains for investors.

The meme aspect creates a unique appeal, drawing attention and fostering a sense of community around these tokens, making them stand out even more during bullish trends.

Let's look forward to the arrival of the real bull market!!!!

Q: Now, since we are directed to future plans, can you share any alphas happening in $ZKPEPE anytime soon, or any long-term vision plans with DerpDEX?

A:  In terms of alpha developments for zkPEPE, we have exciting plans lined up, including innovative features, collaborations, and ongoing community engagement initiatives, as well as upcoming listings on more top-tier exchanges to broaden $ZKPEPE's reach.

Additionally, beyond the ongoing Yield Farming on DerpDEX, we're gearing up to launch our own Farm – stay tuned for that!

Collaborations with high-quality projects in the zkSync ecosystem will continue as we aim to expand our community further. Our commitment to strengthening $ZKPEPE's utility remains a key focus for the long term.

Before we move on to the community AMA, we would like to take some time to address some of the questions about DerpDEX.

Q: Now that DerpDEX has finally launched $DERP, its native token, what will be the best explanation for users to buy $DERP? Can you give us its best utilities and features?

A: $DERP a meme-token, yes. But also a DEX + launchpad + ecosystem. There’s a lot of utilities for $DERP token within the DerpDEX ecosystem.

$DERP holders will be able to participate in different programs, such as the TGE Launch campaign, loyalty program to earn more airdrop rewards.

When user stake their $DERP, they can also enjoy the benefits from the xDerp:

  • Stake $DERP to get a yield booster multiplier up to 2x. We have just launched the 1st farming pool ZKPEPE/ETH.

  • Stake $DERP to participate in voting (coming up next week! )

  • Stake $DERP to enjoy launchpad IDO whitelist (coming up soon! )

There are more utilities that we will continually add while we develop more features soon.

Q: Can DerpDEX give us some preview of what is planned in 2024, now that we are predicting another bull season?

A: $DERP token successfully launched last month has set a great foundation for the protocol to take off in 2024 and the next bull run!

MEMEs will also be there regardless of whether it is a bull or bear market. In the previous bull market, there was SHIBA, FLOKI, and DOGE. In the current bear market, there is “PEPE”, “BITCOIN” and “MEME. Memes are part of web3 and are here to stay. That’s why we chose the narrative of meme-able DEX when we started the project.

2nd, It has always been our vision to bring in new retail users through memecoins to L2 as we believe that the next bull run Layer2 is one of the catalysts and we want DerpDEX to be in the frontier!

Remember $DERP is not only a memecoin, we have a DEX+ launchpad+ ecosystem. We are backed by DWF Labs and supported by top tier MMs. With the low market cap and strong narrative and backing, of course with our community support, we strongly believe $DERP will do well in the coming bull market! Who is with us!

Q: To give a bit of a tease on what's coming for DerpDEX before the year ends.

A: It's the airdrop campaign that a lot of us have been waiting for! We will honor the airdrop for our early supporters as committed and the airdrop will be claimable after the current TGE launch campaign which ends on 20 Dec. We want to make the airdrop a bit splash for DerpDEX and bring as much impact as possible. We have also heard some great suggestions from our community to plan on airdrop a significant portion to whales/ influencers in crypto, especially in the memecoin scene. We will kick start the community proposal and voting this week! Stay tuned! And let’s make it a successful campaign for the Christmas and New Year to come!


For DerpDEX:

Q: With DerpDEX positioning itself as a meme-able DEX and aiming to attract retail users through memecoins to Layer2, how does the team envision navigating the challenges of market volatility and maintaining user engagement during both bull and bear seasons in 2024?

A: Good question! As we have mentioned earlier, we think meme is a very special category in crypto and despite bull or bear, there's huge demand and market with memecoins and history has demonstrated itself! That's why we position DerpDEX as the meme-able DEX because we believe this sets us apart from our competitors.

We intend to build the ecosystem and infrastructure around meme to enable more meme launches, and trading in the future too. Some of the product features in the roadmap including launchpad, one-click-to-launch-meme, meme signal, etc.

And of course, most importantly, we have the meme community, which is the backbone!

We believe this will give us the competitive edge to compete in the market!

Q: What is the governance mechanism of $DERP and how can the community participate in important decisions related to the development and evolution of the project?

A: 1. There is a DERP token allocation for this. The plan for this is incentives for the community for:

- yield booster program

- partnership usage for the next 4 years.

- validator node for our DERPchain Rollup staking

- this is similar to Shibarium and OpBNB.

2. We also want to involve community is more participation in snapshot proposal and voting.

- our 1st approach is to airdrop some DERP to meme-whales and KOLs.

- Will get community to suggests, get active community to reach out to these KOLs and meme-whales

- Vote for it

WE WANT DERPS TO BE MORE INVOLVED. In the end, if we are able to have active $DERP token users up to 100k, then it would be a massive achievement for $DERP token and DerpDEX!

Q: After the Yield farming with $ZKPEPE, does DerpDEX intend to have a long-term partnership with zkPEPE and beyond?

A: This is just the start. There will be more collaborations and we are in discussion for next steps beyond just ZKPEPE-DERP farming.

You are our loyal supporter and we know who is real and who is bots-airdrop hunters.

Because the cofounders and core team is in TG group everyday answering to the community questions.

We thank you for your support!


Q: It is mentioned that zkPEPE acts as a catalyst for value generation in zkSync. How does it achieve this and what kind of rewards does it offer to users who participate in the platform?

A: zkPEPE acts as a catalyst for value generation in zkSync through various initiatives. Initially, we distributed 90% of the tokens via airdrop to the active participants in the zkSync community.

Those unclaimed tokens from the airdrop have been burned, contributing to the reduction of the total token supply. Besides that, we have conducted additional airdrops to reward $ZKPEPE holders, further engaging and appreciating the support from the community.

Thanks to the continued support of our community members, zkPEPE has experienced significant growth!

Q: I understand that airdrop distribution is divided into several categories, such as zkSync interactors and token burn. How does each category affect $ZKPEPE distribution and participation?

A: Certainly! The airdrop distribution in different categories plays a crucial impact in influencing $ZKPEPE distribution and community participation.

A significant portion of the airdrop is allocated to zkSync interactors, rewarding active participants in the zkSync community. This helps incentivize and recognize the contributions of those engaging with zkSync.

Unclaimed tokens from the airdrop, representing tokens that weren't distributed or claimed by participants, are intentionally burned. This burning mechanism reduces the total token supply, contributing to scarcity and potentially increasing the value of distributed tokens.

By conducting additional airdrops to $ZKPEPE holders, we encourage ongoing community participation. This approach not only rewards existing holders but also fosters a sense of community engagement and loyalty.

These strategies aim to create a fair and inclusive distribution model while fostering active participation and engagement within the zkPEPE community!

Q: What happened to the unclaimed $ZKPEPE tokens after the Airdrop, and what percentage of the total supply did they constitute?

A: You can get more details on this question via this tweet

$ZKPEPE allocation updates 🐸

✅ 49.16% was used for the #airdrop

✅ 30.84% had been burned.

🚀 10% is set aside for #Farming and long-term incentives

🚀 10% for #CEX listings & marketing & LP pools

Hope you are all bullish about the partnership and what the future holds for the two memecoins building on zkSync! Do check out the ongoing yield farming campaign that is happening on DerpDEX! You can enjoy the booster up to 2x if you stake your xDerp too!


About DerpDEX

DerpDEX combines the best of web3: the perfect blend of “MEME + DeFi+ Launchpad + Ecosystem'' powering the meme movement on zkSync, Base, opBNB and more upcoming L2 network. By restoring the old glory of derps as internet sensations designed to entertain degens worldwide, we are making derps great again.

Trade, earn, stake, and launch crypto with the most  ̶a̶u̶t̶i̶s̶t̶i̶c̶ best DEX on the internet. Make derp great again!

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