DerpDEX Project Update: Accomplishments and Roadmap 2.0!🚀

GM Derps! ☀️

It's Uptober time! And it has been an amazing journey so far since we launched the project in June. The accomplishment is absolutely amazing, especially in the bear market.

We are truly honored to have such a derp-mazing community that fully supports our mission and what we do to achieve that. We have come a long way derps! Let’s take a look back at what we have achieved so far and what is waiting for us in the near future!


  • DerpDEX’s Milestones since Launch in June 2023

  • DerpDEX’s Roadmap 2.0

    • Q4 2023: Development Roadmap

    • Q1 - Q4 2024: Coming next in derpzone

🌟Milestones since Launch in June 2023

Q2 2023

On June 1, 2023, DerpDEX officially announced its upcoming launch on the zkSync network as the most meme-able DEX! We started strong with the vision of being the leading concentrated liquidity AMM on zkSync, providing superior performance for traders and LPs with all-in-1 DeFi infrastructure tools.

Let’s step back and review what we have achieved in June. 👀

  • 1,000 OG DERP OAT = All claimed in 3hrs after post! 🤯

    • DerpDEX has reserved 1,000 OG roles for early supporters of DerpDEX. We received overwhelming demand and the roles were gone in 3 hours only!

    • As a token of appreciation, OG Roles are eligible for airdrop (1% total allocation).

    • We have opened up more OG Roles for the early community supporters but there will be only around 3000 OG ever existing. So hurry up to get them before TGE.

  • DerpDEX’s Testnet Campaign LIVE on zkSync!

    • Again we partnered with Galxe to do an onchain campaign for users to interact with DerpDEX’s testnet. We gained more than 25,000 testnet users in 2 weeks!

    • This Testnet phase helped us fix problems and bugs thru the feedback from derps before proceeding to mainnet.

Q3 2023

The launch of DerpDEX was totally remarkable! We gained a lot of traction, and a lot of community support and project highlights. During the third quarter of this month, we continued our goal and achieved a lot more.

Let’s review the key achievements and highlights:

  • Beta Mainnet goes LIVE!

    • In July ,DerpDEX officially launched its Beta Mainnet on zkSync!

    • With the good traction and demand, we were Listed on GeckoTerminal and DefiLlama right away.

    • Beta mainnet helped us to bootstrap the initial TVL and real users (more than 2700 users interacted with DerpDEX during this phase). We also took the feedback from the users to further improve on the UI and product.

  • DerpDEX passed security audit by MetaTrust Labs

    • In DerpDEX , security is our 1st priority and before we officially launched mainnet, we had our smart contract audited and we also launched developer bug bounty to incentivize community who find security vulnerabilities.
  • Genesis Launch with 6.5% token airdrop!

    • The genesis campaign is a 69-day campaign with $650,000 worth of token airdrop for liquidity providers ,top traders and even top losers. Together with this, we have prepared a booster campaign launched on Galxe that offers a total pool of $69000 worth of prize.

    • With the campaign, we have achieved amazing results and growth:

      • Accumulative trading volume exceeded 8 million

      • Average daily trading volume at 100-500k

      • Monthly active user: 5000+

  • We also introduced an innovative feature called Zap-to-earn to help simplify the trading experience. Our users love it as now you can add liquidity to a pool using only a single token that you have.

  • DerpDEX’s 1st incubated meme coin: zkDerpina

    • Incubated by DerpDEX as the 1st meme-token launched on 24 July 2023.

    • Token price went up 22x within 3 hours after launch, with 0 token dump as there are no insiders, no team token, no VC allocation and It is just initial buyers taking small profits.

    • Token prices are healthily trading around 10-15x of the opening price.

    • Contract is renounced and liquidity is locked for 3 months.

    • This successful token launch has showcased the uniqueness of DerpDEX that anyone can also launch their own mamecoin on DerpDEX! Read this for more details.

  • DerpDEX went multi-chain: We are LIVE on Base!

    • Since the inception of DerpDEX on zkSync,  we've recognized the wisdom in embracing a multi-chain approach. Our initial strategy revolved around nurturing zkSync's ecosystem and navigating the exciting path of launching the $DERP token before venturing into the realm of a distinct layer 2 chain.

    • With the expansion to Base chain, we were able to capture the memecoin users and degens in the native L2 chain. We also developed a unique feature to ride on the FriendTech heat on Base! Find out more here .

Q4 2023

We started this quarter big and strong, as we in opBNB - another chain for us to spread more innovation and derpiness to their users!

After a few days live on opBNB, we have achieved amazing results already!

  • DerpDEX is live on opBNB!

    • The multi-chain development before TGE never stops, as we continue the journey opBNB! We have launched a campaign to invite the opBNB Genesis NFT Holders with a total of $100,000 worth of airdrop. The campaign has received massive adoption and is now trending number 1 on Galxe!

    • 1st 24 hours after the launch, we were the most transactions token pair on opBNB @BNBCHAIN on @dexscreener!

  • Social status:

    • In a bit over 4 months time since we launched the project and we have grown tremendously! The derps are just unstoppable!
  • Notable Partners

    • While we grow, we have also partnered with over 50+ projects & protocols as we believe collaboration is key in the web3 world. Some notable partnerships we created are with Wormhole, XY Finance, Galxe, Gecko Terminal, Eralend, ZKNS Domains, Star protocols , NFTFeed, MintBase, Basebot, KaratDAO, veSync, and more!

    • You check out this document to see the complete list of our partners, Feel free to reach out as well if you are interested!

Now, what’s next on DerpDEX?! There’s a lot more! 😮

🎢 Buckle up as the upcoming days will be a wild ride. We are taking the remaining of Q4 and 2024 to the next level! Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming.

  • 2023 Q4 Roadmap (look out for more detailed updates coming soon!)

    • TGE (Token launch) & Airdrop campaign

    • Listing on CEX

    • Loyalty program

    • Refer- to- Earn Campaign

    • One-click-to-launch-meme feature


We have a lot more coming for you, derps! We can’t wait to share and walk step-by-step through our journey of becoming the most meme-able DEX on the internet!

About DerpDEX

DerpDEX combines the best of web3: the perfect blend of “DeFi + memes + NFTs”  powering the meme movement on L2 zkSync network. By restoring the old glory of derps as internet sensations designed to entertain degens worldwide, we are making derps great again.

Trade, earn, stake, and launch crypto with the most  ̶a̶u̶t̶i̶s̶t̶i̶c̶ best DEX on the internet. Make derp great again!

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