A Web3 daily art project to document Climate Change causes, effects and solutions.

Climate Change Countdown

Inspired by Beeple Everydays and the Climate Clock and using the potentialities of Web3 and blockchains, the project aims to make a difference raising awareness on the Climate Emergency. 

The Next 10 years will be crucial to drive down Climate Change emissions and contain the world average temperature increase to 1.5 C.

In order to successfully address this challenge, there is an urgent need to raise awareness about it. 

What we do? 

From 01/19/2022 and for 10 years, the project creates and posts a digital artwork about Climate Change everyday, exploring a variety of forms of visual and non visual art. The artworks are published daily on the artists social media channels.

The core of the project are periodic expeditions on the field to document causes and effects of Climate Change and positive examples of sustainability and activism. 


-find new artists available to produce and publish a Climate Change art everyday

-build an open source web3 library of the daily climate art pieces to be freely used by Climate Collectives and media

-create a treasury for basic expenses of the artists (software, materials, tools subscriptions)

-create a treasury for travelling expenses of the artists (only by sustainable transport, only for reporting on the field of Climate Change and for participating to events/exhibitions)

-organize online and IRL exhibitions of the daily artworks of our artists

What have we done so far

-219th daily climate arts published (Twitter + Instagram)

-joined as a collective to All For Climate Fiscal Host

-published by Rain Forest Alliance social media, NewYork Observer, etc

-documented Climate Change in: Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic

-organized the first online Climate Change Countdown exhibitions


Marco (bear) is a photographer and digital artist who, in the past 5 years, travelled extensively in Europe and Asia. He founded in 2020 the Earth Based Network to share awareness on environmental issues. The Network is made of 7 Instagram pages, publishes daily and it has reached 5 millions views in 2021.

The artist regularly travels in Europe with 3 long geographic expeditions already been conducted in 2020 and 2021 to document causes, effects and solutions to Climate Change. 

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