June 2nd, 2022

The project

We are facilitating the collective rise of Solarpunk nomadism and gathering a tribe of nomadic changemakers. Solarpunk Nomads will roam the world with electric vans, powered by the sun, always connected with satellite Internet, spreading Web3 and regen knowledge, wisdom and hope.

A tribe of storytellers, Earth healers, dreamers and builders, sharing a positive vision of a society where advanced technology and eco wisdom will improve social, economic and environmental sustainability.

What is a Solarpunk nomad?

A changemaker that lives a nomadic lifestyle using a zero carbon emission vehicle, always connected to the Internet and proactive in building a Solarpunk society through web3 and Regen. Solarpunk nomads will be the storytellers and main instigators of the peaceful disruption of consumerism.

An early example of a van using Solar Energy
An early example of a van using Solar Energy

Solarpunk nomadism is a very punk plan A to fight climate change despair, catalyse the birth of a solarpunk society, enjoy life and increase your personal climate resilience.

Why now?

This project, theorized by us few years ago, is now ripe for introduction because of the convergence of four techs:

  1. Fully electric vans and RVs
  2. Printable, flexible solar panels
  3. Satellite internet connections by Starlink
  4. Web3 and blockchains

Project goals

  • Define collectively Solarpunk Nomadism
  • Open a Discord channel to help the community to form
  • Build an itinerant exhibition about Solarpunk nomadism and make the first event in Europe (Milan/Bruxelles/Madrid)
  • Build a DAO to manage the project collectively
Solarpunk Nomad concept Old diesel Punk 4wd converted to full Electric
Solarpunk Nomad concept Old diesel Punk 4wd converted to full Electric

Project update since GR14 launch

  • 3 new illustration concept arts
  • 85 contributions (A big thank you to every single one of you!)
  • 38k impressions on Twitter
  • SolarPunk Nomads Discord [building 💪]
  • We deleted ''acquiring Starlink System'' from our goals because we want to maintain our project as collective as possible
Solar Punk vision
Solar Punk vision

Who are we?

Earthbasedsoul, wildlife biologist and visionary, spent the last three years spreading awareness on social media about the Climate Emergency and Biodiversity crisis.

NativeBear, digital artist and traveler runs Climate Change Countdown, a daily digital art project and expedition to document causes, effects and solutions of Climate Change.

Solarpunk Nomad Farmer concept
Solarpunk Nomad Farmer concept

Is this project related to Climate Change?

The project will be foundational in introducing the Solarpunk nomadic lifestyle, allowing regens to travel more and be more climate resilient, accelerating the transition to a sustainable society. We expect that a zero carbon way of traveling will be very attractive and disruptive to the consumerism society.

Does this project help in Crypto Advocacy?

The project will conduct crypto advocacy, specifically in the digital nomads and vanlife niches, leveraging their high level of networking.

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