Solarpunk Nomads
June 2nd, 2022

**A changemaker that lives a nomadic lifestyle using a zero carbon emission vehicle, always connected to the Internet and proactive in building a Solarpunk society through web3 and Regen. Solarpunk nomads will be the storytellers and main instigators of the peaceful disruption of consumerism.Solarpunk nomadism is a very punk plan A to fight climate change despair, catalyse the birth of a solarpunk society, enjoy life and increase your personal climate resilience.

***All the arts you are going to see were developed by us and our Artists.

Different setups, different nomads.
Different setups, different nomads.

**This project, theorized by us few years ago, is now ripe for introduction because of the convergence of four techs:

  1. Fully electric vans, E-bikes, sailboats etc.

  2. Printable, flexible solar panels

  3. Satellite internet connections by Starlink

  4. Web3 and blockchains

Nomads without vehicles? For sure!
Nomads without vehicles? For sure!

-Become a nomad
-Nomad HUB
-Virtual Exhibition about Solarpunk Nomadism

Meet the nomads!
Meet the nomads!
An early example of a van using Solar Energy
An early example of a van using Solar Energy
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