The Marketplace: A Coordination Hub for a Permissionless Workforce

Build your Rep. Own your work. Find your Herd.

The Llamas protocol is creating and governing a permissionless jobs marketplace, where entities can post jobs for Llamas holders to complete in exchange for Badges, reputation and rewards. This coordination hub creates a talent pool of devs, creators, strategists, whitehats, biz devs, and passionate anons that DAOs and other entities can tap into whenever they need — expanding their team’s bandwidth and expertise instantly.

The Llamas protocol’s yield-bearing treasury paired with its Badges reputation system creates an additive layer of incentive that aligns the the Llamas protocol with both ecosystem partners and users, and creates the conditions for the DeFi ecosystem to rally, build and rapidly expand.

Badges and the Marketplace will be the Llamas protocol’s main revenue driver and will grow the treasury, which in turn will increase yields and bring new people into the ecosystem.

Further Use Cases for Badges

Liquidity Lock Bootstrap event: The partner protocol could deploy a bounty and create a badge to help seed a pool. Users will have to lock a certain type of LP for a specific duration to acquire the badge, their claim on the bounty, and the additive boost from Llamas’ treasury.

PvE Badge Event — All Llamas work together to coordinate the flow of liquidity to help a partner protocol.

Targeted TVL Badges: Users could be tasked with locking a specific USD amount of liquidity in a new product for a bounty. This could be a free-for-all, where users could be rewarded by what they contribute. IE whales will get more of the bounty, but every user will get the same lock bonus after the badge becomes claimable.

PvP Badge Event — Llamas will compete to deliver liquidity to hit a TVL target for a partner protocol’s new pool or product.

Product Launch Badge Bundles: The partner protocol could deploy a series of badges aimed around standing up a new product or protocol. For instance, a badge could be deployed to the Llama Risk team specifically or to whitehat Llamas to stress test and write analysis of the product. At the same time, creator Llamas could be tasked with coming up with an educational content piece, a design system, and narrative-driving memes to help with launch. Liquidity could be provisioned with another badge, where interested Llamas could join forces or compete to fill a vault.

All of these badges could have staggered expirations or expire at the end of the event.

Community Rewards: Partner Protocols could define what “positive sum” means within their specific ecosystem and reward past or drive future actions. This will help protocols reward and retain a strong community.

In time, the Marketplace will be permissionless and the EAS attestation system is flexible enough that many more badge use cases will come to the Marketplace. These ideas are just a place to start.

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