The LlamasHaus: A Community-Owned, Trust-Based Project Launchpad

Reputation shouldn’t only be earned. It should be used.

In addition to Badges and the Marketplace, the Llamas protocol will open the Auction House contract to the community. Although to launch a project, founder Llamas must have attester-level badges. Projects being built in the LlamasHaus will be able to launch badges and tie tokens, veNFT, or any sort of future ownership to the badge to build their core team or attract talent. Llamas users without attester-level badges will be able to participate like any normal job.

The LlamasHaus contract is a flexible, generalized, fair-launch platform that can deploy tokens or NFTfi, or on-chain art in a number of mechanics (Dutch auction, English auction, etc.).

Wherever the Llamas go, LlamasHaus will be there

LlamasHaus will be deployed on Mainnet (powering the launch of the project). That said, we envision it being deployed to any L2 or zk-chain that the Llamas want to build on. We believe that trust is a currency, and the Llamas should be able to spend it to bootstrap and build wherever they’re inspired to.

The Llamas protocol will take a percentage of the mint or the supply from each project launched and add it to the treasury — adding a second revenue stream to help flywheel the growth of the the ecosystem. With each new project launched, the Llamas are creating new partners who are native to both Curve and the Llamas ecosystems.

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