The Llamas: Mint Handbook

Welcome to LlamasHaus, the first generalized auction house and project launchpad coded in Vyper, wholly owned and operated by the Llamas. So make yourself at home. The launch of the Llamas will also be the grand opening of LlamasHaus. As the contract is coded in Vyper, gas costs will be cheaper than options coded in Solidity. On top of that, the Llamas team has deployed a mechanism for auction participants to pre-load or store their previous bids for future ones — getting you more Llamas for less gas.

We are deployed at

Introducing MintChat

We have created an easy way to chat and keep up with the auctions built natively into the front end of the LlamasHaus. So feel free to chat, psyops, shitpost, appreciate— this is your space to partake in the event with your fellow Llamas.

To use the mint chat, you’ll need to enable third-party cookies for the Llamas front end on your browser, and sign in via discord. Mint Chat is a channel in the discord and can be accessed from there as well.

Check your discord color and write your date on your hand

Each phase will begin at approximately 2pm EST the specified day.

April 13th — Team and treasury mint

April 14th — LlamaFriends mint commences

April 18th —  Whitelist auction begins

April 24nd — Public auction

Auction Mechanics:

Llamafriends: you have the chance at two llamas before the public auction. Your first Llama is at a set price of .1eth. Your second Llama can be obtained by winning a whitelist auction.

Whitelistoors: you have the chance at two llamas before the public auction. Your two Llamas can be won in a gated auction that will last for about six days. There will be one Llama auctioned per hour. The starting auction price will be .1eth.

A couple of things to be aware of:

  • The minimum next bid must be 2% greater than the current bid price.

  • If a llama bid is contested within the last 30 seconds of the auction, the auction extends for 5 minutes, until a winner prevails.

  • If you submit a bid but don’t win a llama, your ETH is stored in the auction house contract and saves you the gas fee of having to withdraw or unwrap between auctions.

  • At the end of the auction, someone must call the contract (and pay a little gas) to settle the auction and start the next one. We like to think this is the first chance the winner gets to pet their new llama. Although, anyone can trigger the start of the next auction.

Pro tip: figure out when your llama comrades are sleeping

Pro-er tip: psyops your llama comrades into thinking you are awake at different hours than you really are.

Going Public

The Public Auction will begin on April 22nd at 2pm EST. For about a month, we will be auctioning a little over half of the collection to the public. There will be no address maximums, no gatekeeping, nothing. These auctions will start with a .2eth reserve. Anyone who wants to be a llama can come and participate.

We will be auctioning one llama every 90 minutes for about a month.

Llamas without a bid in the auction will be minted to the treasury and will be deployed at the discretion of the team.

Where the Funds are going

100% of the proceeds of the mint will be used to bootstrap a treasury of Curve ecosystem assets. The treasury is owned by the Llamas and the yield of the treasury will be directed toward positive-sum actions in v2 via the Badges system.

Until v2 launches, the treasury will be compounded and grown. The Llamas will take 5% from every secondary sale where enforceable and the protocol will set up liquidity pools with a portion of the Protocol Owned Llamas (POL) on Sudo after initial price discovery.

As ChatGPT once said: Saddle up Llamas, let’s ride.

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