Leading by Example: How GoingUp Memberships Will Empower both DAOs and Freelancers in Web3

GoingUp will reshape the professional environment of the modern working world and make them maximise their potential in web3. GoingUp membership will solidify professionals as trusted members and successful agents of this new landscape. The awards system will create an on-chain environment that creates recognition and reputation for the people who are working at the cutting edge of blockchain technologies.

With this reputation infrastructure, Projects, DAOs, and entrepreneurs will be able to better find, meet, hire, and work in web3. Excellent projects will be able to show a track record of rewarding those who work for them - even if that work is enacted on a totally freelance and/or pseudonymous basis, and independent workers can show they really know crypto by brandishing their wallet filled with tokens of appreciation from other clients they have worked with.

Both will benefit. Companies, workers, and crypto nomad contributors want this. GoingUp’s on-chain reputation registrar will help them to have a better, more profitable, professional environment. Let’s show you how

“Trust Me Bro” - The Confidence Gap

In 2022, it can be hard for project leaders to know who to trust. Which project will offer a handsome fee of $USDC at first, only to end up getting a ‘home-brew’ NFT after the work is submitted after weeks of delay? Will clients pay on time as expected when the work is completed? Or do they plan to withhold payment before ‘one more extra thing’ is done?

In the pseudonymous nature of web3, where work is fragmented and decentralised, with ‘micro-tasks’ and small undertakings are normal, it can be challenging to have determined if an employer plans to ghost you.

However, with GoingUp’s tokens of appreciation, an independent worker can see that a DAO, individual, company - or literally anyone trying to hire some help - has a great track record of collaborating with other web3 individuals, as showcased by the GoingUp tokens of appreciation they have received from other users that have worked with them.

It makes modern freelancers and contributors more confident to work hard and fast knowing that the team they are working for makes good on their word. No more anxiety as the bill racks up and your collaborator gets quieter and quieter on the one Telegram chat box where you can contact them.

Getting the Best of the Best

It also has an ancillary effect of companies being able to find workers who may not otherwise have accepted their advances. A micro-cap project may need some world-class graphic design - but the job is an easy, quick, one. An independent worker might not go to the bother of establishing trust or meeting them, as the job isn’t worth it, and the risks are obvious.

Independent workers can thus quickly get to work - and quickly get paid - by seeing the reputation that these DAOs have built up through similar collaborations, all on-chain. Traceable, trackable, verifiable, and ensconced within the paradigms of web3.

The GoingUp platform is the modern worker's dream, where they can find self-curated lists of DAOs looking for contributors with fantastic track records of treating them right.

Reimagining Hiring for Greater Efficiency

**The effect this has on hiring by DAOs and companies is similarly magnified, honed, and improved. As a project leader, you have to know your money is being spent well, especially when hiring on a pseudonymous basis (as is so often the case in web3). The time spent interviewing, background checking, and assessing a worker's classic resume and/or web3 footprint is time-consuming, inefficient and, most of all, expensive. Web3 is about efficiency, and hiring is ripe for improvement.

With GoingUp’s platform, even the smallest project can source contractors hyper-efficiently. GoingUp profiles will represent a pool of truly web3-engaged workers that have a history of building and collaborating on great projects.

A common problem for projects when hiring is how well the person they are hiring really knows about crypto and web3. The simple fact that those on the GoingUp platform have wallets, tokens of appreciation, and a track record of being paid on-chain shows they have the familiarity with the space to show they can really connect to and drive your project.

Another huge issue is whether they are delivering the work they said they would in the timeframe they promised. All too often project leaders are waiting on stretched deadlines, or even more problematically - botched work. Project leaders must often wait weeks to see if a hiring decision they made 2 weeks ago for a crucial job bears fruit.

No More Failed Work and Missed Deadlines

Sometimes work contributors come back with substandard work, work not done to spec, or just disappears altogether. At best, this is a headache, at worst, a key lynchpin of a coordinated strategy could disappear.

For example, a publication deadline arranged with a top news outlet to announce your new feature could be missed, and the placement lost because the writer sent the copy too late.

Any business leader knows this kind of wastage is par for the course, especially when hiring freelancers. Yet it doesn’t have to be this way. And with GoingUp, it won’t be. With the proof-of-contribution and tokens of appreciation, platform memberships, and other ecosystem features, projects will be able to skim from a pool of world-class web3 practitioners who have delivered time and time again in their chosen skill set and have the on-chain track record to prove it.

The ability to simultaneously reduce the costs of hiring while increasing the success rate has outstanding implications for the world of work. In traditional industries, hiring decisions are made over longer periods of time, and the delta is less impactful.

In web3, DAOs hire hundreds of people from all over the world (and the metaverse) in quick succession as tasks become itemised down to fine degrees and most crypto contributors work for multiple projects, so the impact of wastage is more brutal.

GoingUp’s Proof-of-contribution infrastructure counteracts these issues, leading to a greater rate of successful collaborations and thus better projects being built.

GoingUp’s Features Make Work Happen

Our tokens of appreciation are akin to Vitalik’s proposed idea of Soulbound Tokens (SBTs). A permanent on-chain expression of success, gifted by someone who thought you were worth it. DAOs hiring on the platform can award these tokens, and decentralized contributors who had an excellent experience can give them back. In this way, both benefit. Both parties will have their own GoingUp profile, and these tokens of appreciation will be displayed on it. When browsing, users on either side can see these badges of achievement, and they fill them with confidence about entering new collaborations with each other.

GoingUp’s NFT membership will be another way for companies to enshrine themselves as great employers and contributors as great employees. The GoingUp NFT exclusive Membership will highlight your profile for life on our platform and give you full access to the features that we are currently building and the huge array of features will continue to build in the future, access to a VIP Discord with other exceptional founders and project leaders who, like you, believe that a truly web3-enabled professional registrar is the oil to a fairer, faster, and more efficient modern working environment.

We will also have an overall scoring system that adjudicates your composite professional reputation. The score will take into account the tokens of appreciation, the wallet activity, and the user’s interaction with the platform as a whole to come up with this score. It will act as a one-glance metric for leaders and workers to help them know who they are dealing with.

Professional Networks for the Modern Web

Decentralisation will change the world of work forever. The ‘gig economy is booming, particularly in web3. It’s more efficient for companies, and it gives workers more agency. Yet the final piece of the puzzle isn’t quite there. The opportunity for web3 to connect workers and professionals through a decentralised protocol where trust is immediate and clear to see.

We will provide exactly that: Trust. A vibrant, active, collaborative community where the best come together to make the line go up. Not just the asset price, but the careers - and friendships - of everyone involved.

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