Go Once, Go Twice, Go Up: How GoingUp Is Building the Professional Reputation Infrastructure for Web3

One has to know who to trust. Trust is at the heart of civilization; it is trust between one another that enables us to achieve greatness. When people talk about decentralisation, blockchains, and smart contracts, they’re talking about enabling trust between disparate actors in a shared, codified (quite literally) system.

The Issues with Web3 Collaboration

Yet what of the human element? Creators, developers and project leaders are still the essential flywheel of an industry that makes the whole space move. Web3 is a burgeoning career-building space, with hundreds of projects being built every day that are racing to capture all the possibilities inherent in NFTs, DAOs and the metaverse.

Often, these relationships occur in Discord/Telegram chat boxes. Whole teams, broad DAOs, and entire projects are connected by a communication infrastructure that allows for anonymity, has no fail-safes on identity, and is not built for purpose. It’s hard to find good work, and it’s hard to find trustworthy collaborators. The current systems make it much harder.

Project leads take a chance every time they collaborate with someone; creators, builders, and developers take the chance they will get their pay at the end and – with crypto’s irreversible transactions – scammers can abscond with funds all too often before the work is complete. In short, there are plenty of wasted opportunities going on with billions lost every year to this kind of wastage.

GoingUp: The Professional Collaborations Engine of Web3

GoingUp will be the smart resume of Web3. It will stay true to the pseudonymous soul of crypto but give project leaders, creators and developers an infrastructure where they can find, assess and contract collaborators that fit their needs. GoingUp’s profiles will let professionals offer their services while displaying a proven, on-chain, track record of delivery on their past works and achievements. Project leads will be able to show their history of collaborations and volunteering. Every party involved will be able to not only find each other more easily and faster but also be reassured they are getting trustworthy partnerships.

GoingUp is a reputation-building system that uses blockchain-native principles to establish trust and authenticity, whilst remaining entirely pseudonymous. A user’s wallet gains reputation credits from awards by those they work with, interactions with others, and delivery of work and/or payments. It creates an on-chain resume of previous work attached to the profile, so those hiring or looking for contributors are certain the user did what they are claiming. It also tracks the trail of smart contracts and transactions associated with the wallet to facilitate appropriate due diligence for users who want to push their assessment.

How GoingUp uses NFTs and SBTs

A major way GoingUP works is by leveraging its own version of SBTs, recently mooted by Vitalk Buterin as a cornerstone of ETH’s future use case. Collaborators can award each other NFTs that show their appreciation. These NFTs will mark a profile as a good, honest collaborator that delivers. This on-chain proof will build an on-chain resume that will help build a collaborator’s trustworthiness in the space, and enable them to also be rewarded for their volunteer work, minor contributions, and positive interactions in the working world of Web3, as well as for their paid-work commitments.

This is essential for the informal work arrangements that characterise so much of current Web3 projects. Few people are on formal contracts, most work on multiple gigs, and small contributions from a diverse spread of people are the norm.

How On-Chain Resumes Create Micro-Work Engine

This is arguably utopian, and most likely the future of work, with micro-work and focused collaborations responsible for so much of what is amazing about Web3. GoingUp will be the infrastructure that this informal network can thrive on, without sacrificing Web3 primitives. It will empower artists, creators and every professional to find like-minded individuals, build each other’s reputations and make their project, DAO or even start-up a success. It will help larger project leads assess a wide pool of talent, pseudonymously and therefore socially unbiased, and underscored by trust and professionalism.

GoingUP is not the only protocol aiming to be this essential professional infrastructure. As well as legacy Web2 providers like LinkedIn, direct crypto-native solutions like POAP exist – yet POAP is more sentimental in focus, whereas GoingUp focuses on creation. GoingUp is the only solution that currently offers on-chain proof-of-collaboration, pseudonymity, scoring, token rewards, all encompassed in a completely decentralised on-chain resume where users can curate and highlights their main accomplishments and find other professionals and gather the team that will make their dreams become reality.

OG NFT Launch and Launch on Polygon

To celebrate the imminent launch of their service, GoingUp will also be starting their NFT membership program. Those who want to be at the forefront of the future of work can snag one of these GoingUp Premium Exclusive NFTs which confer a whole host of lifetime perks for the service, as well as priority access to their seed capital round. They are aimed at team leaders and early investors who believe in the project and want to contribute. The GoingUP team will be open to their Fren’s input and happy for co-designers to stamp their mark. Just as GoingUp encourages informal but rewarding work arrangements, so the project will operate in that manner from the outset. There are 222 of these GoingUp Premium Exclusive NFTs, with more details to be found on GoingUp’s Twitter, Discord and Membership page.

GoingUp is currently accepting Ethereum and Polygon wallets. It’s EVM compatible and built on Polygon. GoingUp eventually plans to become chain-agnostic and become a multi-chain and multi-wallet platform. The team will blend the diverse experiences a professional may have built across chains and recorded within various wallets to build their full on-chain professional identity.

Go Up in the World Wide Web

There are endless opportunities in Web3. If you work hard, meet people, and contribute in memorable ways – the rewards will go on and on, and in many cases up and up. GoingUp will be a Web3 professional’s perfect platform, a blockchain-native solution to getting the help one needs, and the opportunities one craves. So if you want to go up in the world, if you want your friends and collaborators to go up with you, keep a close eye on GoingUP Protocol, and you may just find what you’re looking for.

Author: Marcin Dragunov for CryptoMonde

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