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GoingUp is a professional reputation toolkit for the working world of web3. It’s your professional identity, on-chain. We let projects and workers connect authentically and pseudonymously so they can focus on what’s important: collaborating to build the next great blockchain utility.

Web3 offers endless opportunities for projects and freelancers to build the next big thing. All over the world, people are coming together to create a new conception of the internet, and a new way to work.

The Problem GoingUp Solves: Professional Trust

In this unique environment, it can be hard to know who to trust. The pseudonymous ethos of web3 makes it hard for projects to hire people they can rely on, and for freelancers to be employed by those who stick to their word.

Scams happen. Background checks, if even possible, are costly. People regularly lie about their credentials to secure a great job, then fail to deliver on either their promise or their promises, leaving project leaders in the lurch.

GoingUp facilitates connections between projects and people based on their on-chain and off-chain professional activities, achievements, and informal activities. It lets users create a profile where their work is recorded and authenticated on-chain so that the people that hire them can see a verifiable track record of success.

Other users’ feedback on a profile will also feed into their overall reputation score. This score will be a fulcrum around which professionals can pitch themselves to projects, and on which businesses can find the best people for their projects.

Connecting Projects and Workers

This reputation score will be essential in the future world of decentralised work. The future of web3 depends upon a diffuse and diverse workforce coming together to build great things. By having GoingUp’s reputation facility as the tissue which helps them connect, every party in an arrangement can come together on a basis of mutual trust. It will help companies hire better and workers work better. Everyone will have more information to make informed decisions - even with pseudonymous candidates.

A worker can see that a company rewards its collaborators appropriately on time, is invested in their development and that previous workers have spoken highly of them. A project can see that a potential collaborator has a track record of delivering their work, a track record of collaboration with fellow co-workers and that previous projects have benefited from their efforts. All of this will be viewable on-chain, through a mixture of GoingUp NFTs, reputation scores, and awards by other users.

GoingUp is currently built on the EVM ecosystem and intends to take its platform multi-chain. The goal is to be the ultimate platform for web3 professionals across all chains. A one-stop shop for a user’s reputation in web3 based on their verifiable blockchain activities. This is not just limited to individuals, the goal is for DAOs, companies and protocols to all have their trustworthiness ratified by GoingUp’s innovative platform.

Users can also capture their data on-chain to prove their history of achievement. GoingUp will let DAOs, companies, and projects award their contributors for exceptional performance with GoingUp awards. These will feed directly into their score and will help possible future collaborators see the quality of their hire. It will create a positive feedback loop where great people get hired by great projects, leading to an overall improvement in the quality of web3 teams.

GoingUp will let users distil their achievements into what we call a Non-Fungible Reputation. They will bundle their wallets and sync their on-chain transactional history in a single composable asset (ERC-1155) that will serve as their on-chain CV. They will be able to carry that CV across blockchain ecosystems. Think of it like a business card in your wallet that also serves as a log of all your professional achievements.

The UP Score: How We Create On-Chain Reputation

We calculate a user's UP score using many different pieces of on-chain transaction data. We compile Soulbound NFTs, GoingUp tokens of appreciation, project completion, verified collaborators, and specific on-chain data like Twitter engagement metrics, Discord activity and LinkedIn reach.

This data is grouped into different categories. For a particular hire, say a blockchain developer, a project may not care about a user’s socials, so it’s important the data is presented in such a way so that leaders can focus on what’s important. The categories are:

  • Wallet Transaction History

Your connected wallet's transaction history publicly indicates who you have transacted with, the volume, and the nature of the transaction. It significantly contributes to your UP score.

  • Verifiable Credentials (NFTs and SBTs)

  • GoingUp will analyse your tokens of appreciation, your NFTs, and Soulbound tokens and aggregate their value in determining a user’s UP score.

  • Project Smart Contract Metrics

  • GoingUp has its own smart contract for projects so that collaborating, contributing and auditing is easy. Leaders can define objectives, contributor rewards, and rationales for those rewards. These rewards are executed when the given goal is complete.

  • Supportive environment

  • A user’s UP score is improved by completing projects with other users who have high or upward trending reputation scores (such as new upcoming professionals). Verified users will also be able to stake their reputation in vouching for other users. If a collaborator has a proven track record of working with the best, it’s likely they’re one of the best themselves.

  • Off-Chain Metrics

  • We aggregate metrics from sites like Twitter, measuring followers, tweet engagement history, account suspensions, Discord connections, LinkedIn recommendations and other records to establish a user’s social presence.

  • Length of Reputation History

  • Like most CVs, the more diverse and the more experience, the better. If a user has a long and storied track record of professional work and associations, then their score will be boosted.

From these metrics, the UP reputation score is determined. It ranges from 0 to 999. The score updates as the metrics chain. If a user ends up being involved in projects that are scams or rug pulls, or perhaps they didn’t do the work at all - their score is negatively affected or even zeroed out in the worst instances. However, a good track record of project completion, close collaboration, and sending and receiving tokens of appreciation will boost the score.

Say a project needs a press release written. It’s an important announcement and the in-house writer needs some help, but the deadline is short. Leaders can search GoingUp for a good writer who has a track record of receiving GoingUp tokens of appreciation for their effort and who receives consistent feedback for delivering on time. They can connect, arrange a fee, and agree that the writer – on top of their salary - will receive another token of appreciation for timely delivery if the task is completed as desired. The writer agrees, completes the work, the leader is satisfied, and both parties’ reputation is boosted further for a successful outcome. With GoingUp, everyone can be rewarded for their efforts and contributions. No matter how big or small the difference one makes, even making someone else’s day better, it can be captured within a GoingUP token of appreciation.

GoingUp will use machine-learning algorithms and statistical analysis to make sure there is no bias and no abuse in the UP score.

Why On-Chain Reputation Matters

For Workers: Decentralised Composable CV

The future of work will be fleeting. The new gig economy, portable workspaces, and brief and intense collaboration for mutual benefit. All of these new styles of work are here to say. The old reputation systems fail in this new environment.

Moreover, a lot of the work that happens isn’t properly recorded nor acknowledged. Many volunteers, coaches, tutors, mentors and others have no track record and no monetary reward or recognition for their extra efforts. With GoingUP, this data can be captured and recognised for the valuable experience gained and the positive impact it had on others.

GoingUp’s reputation data and scoring can be used to create an on-chain professional resume that is fit for purpose in the modern decentralised world of work.

A decentralised CV can’t be invented. The on-chain history is immutable. It means that even though you may not know someone’s name, you know that they are reliable and that they provide great work.

Our roadmap includes developing a zero-knowledge proof of a user’s score breakdown, so they can add their UP score to their LinkedIn or share it with their employer without having to share their entire GoingUp profile. It will be a chance for workers to provide ironclad details about their professional achievements without having to tell a project everything about them.

For Projects: Reputation Engine for a Modern Workforce

We want GoingUp to be the ultimate tool for projects to find great workers. Our reputation score lets DAOs find truly crypto-native and web3 savvy individuals who have a track record in the space, and lets them make accords and arrangements with them simply and easily.

Leaders can clearly state what they need, and our engine will scour the GoingUp database and show potential collaborators who are available and specialised in the work they need to do.

We want to make it as seamless as possible for great projects to find great people and to ensure that both sides of the agreement benefit, both materially and reputationally, from the connection. Eventually, the GoingUp network will be the one central hub for all the professional needs of Web3 and of the decentralised work environment.

Going Up

Decentralised ways of working need professional networking. GoingUp will provide the perfect foundation for companies and projects to collaborate and connect while keeping the ethos of decentralisation, pseudo-anonymity, and on-chain activity front and centre. Users will be able to store and show their professional, formal and informal history on-chain and projects big and small can find the talent they need to achieve their goals successfully. The new world of work is coming, and GoingUp will make sure everyone thrives in it.

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