No Matter How Green Bitcoin Is, the White House Will Denigrate It.

No matter how sustainable energy level is used by the Bitcoin network, the powerful people at the head of the current system will continue to denigrate Bitcoin.

Their plan is to impose CBDCs on all of us to control and monitor us.

Your privacy is at stake.

This blog post on the White House website entitled "The DAME Tax: Making Cryptominers Pay for Costs They Impose on Others" is there to confirm it:

Blog post White House
Blog post White House

This post obviously never takes into consideration what Bitcoin brings to the people and only says that even if Bitcoin reached 100% green energy, it would still be negative, since it is clean energy that is not used for other sectors.

This is a totally absurd reasoning that will drive innovation away from America and benefit countries that are trying to figure out the why of Bitcoin.

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