This is the REAL future of web3 gaming
July 12th, 2022

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On Tuesday July 5th 2022, I went to Proof of Play: Reimagining The Gaming Industry hosted by Chainlink Canada, a smart contract company with on and off chain resources. The topic was "GameFi", or how we can implement web3/tokenization/asset ownership into games. Here are my takeaways from the chat:

  • The onboarding process is still way too much for people outside of web3 (making a wallet, choosing a chain etc). This is an issue that Haniff from GAMEXCHANGE is looking to solve. Also it can't be like STEPN and charge $80 just to play the game.
  • "Web 2.5". Incorporate some element of centralization because of need. (Case in point was this flower planting game that was all on chain, but the process was so slow/laggy that the game did not work)
  • "Play AND earn, not play to earn" Getting assets shouldn't be the core of the game, but rather a bonus. The game itself should be fun first. Similarly...
  • The utility of the tokens should unlock things outside the game as well, could be access to events, bonuses in other games etc. This gives it value.
  • Speaking of value, can't the value of the game or token just be fun? It doesn't have to be monetary, the token can just be a way to remember the fun you had. Experience can be the tokenized asset.
  • I also asked about what a "killer app" would be for web3 gaming. Discussions were around not necessarily a game, but a token that all games accept with one another, or a "metaverse" ( ) like the trendy one that's been going on.

Personally, I found the talk very fruitful as I assumed that "play to earn" was the only web3 game design. I found it quite humbling that the leaders and innovators in this space see web3 gaming as PLAY AND EARN, and seeing out we can attach token to game rewards, not play a cookie clicker simulator to earn crypto.

July 11th update: I chatted with a friend on Discord the previous night and tried my best to explain to him the concept of tokenizing assets in web3. We concluded that an unseen use case for this is a trading card game where your cards are owned on the chain.

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