Poseidon DAO Derivatives Collection
May 10th, 2022

Poseidon DAO, in order to create added value to the collection as well as to future token holders, is committed to launching several projects related to the NFT sector. 

The first project that will be launched on the market will be Derivatives Collection that has already been discussed in depth in a space on twitter where some artists that are involved have also participated.

What is the derivative project about?

The DAO, in collaboration with well-known artists, will create derivatives to be brought to the market, starting from unique pieces owner in the collection.

The first derivative will be BAYC 5899 and the artists involved in this first launch will be Niro Perrone, BertOne and Gio’ Roman who, starting from the same NFT, will give different readings according to their vision and their art, interpreting the workbased on their style, creating from the same collectible unique works, similar but different from each other. By comparing themselves with the same subject, each artist will be able to show his own peculiarities and his own style. For this reason, the choice fell on three very different artists. Niro Perrone has a style that recalls the Linea Chiara of the French cartoon of the eighties: his works are characterized by the cleanliness and clarity of the contours and by a lively chromatic range, which relaxes the contents, sometimes dramatic, of his creations, populated by hybrid characters and chimeras. Gio’ Roman, on the other hand, has a more cyberpunk style and his works tell love stories projected into futuristic urban scenarios, which almost classically refer to the nocturnal settings of Blade Runner. The predominant colors in his works are magenta, purple and blue, colors that since childhood he appreciated in the sunsets of his country of origin. Bertone instead uses a lysergic and hyperchromatic imagination to tell strange fantastical stories crowded with characters characterized by bright and vibrant colors.

Poseidon DAO Derivatives
Poseidon DAO Derivatives

The purpose of the derivatives collection is to combine different artistic styles with unique pieces of high commercial value but little artistic content, valuing both the starting work thanks to the collaboration of excellent artists as well as the DAO itself and future token holders.

The sale of the first derivative project work will be executed today, May 10, 2022,at 7:30 PM CET by Poseidon DAO on its Foundation account. The inaugural work will be created by Niro Perrone and soon the derivatives of BertOne and Gio Roman will follow as well. To make collectors and art lovers of all budgets participate as much as possible in the project, to all those who make bids during the auction, for each bid (not only to the successful bidder) they will be given in airdrop the governance tokens of the DAO, whose distribution will be announced shortly.

Poseidon DAO will not stop at these first 3 works; we are already collaborating with other artists to continue the series of derivatives on the Bored Ape 5899. Not only that: we will work to make further series of derivatives on other collectibles in our possession with free rights such as the World of Woman.

The DAO aims, with this and other projects that will be launched later, to always increase the value of its token, to support the development of the NFT ecosystem and to enhance deserving artists. 

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