Poseidon DAO Beyond Web3 Limits

The technological evolution is progressing faster than ever and, only a few years after the birth of Bitcoin, we are already at the dawn of a new era, which will be dominated by the development of the Web 3. From now on -day after day- art, gaming and entertainment explore new worlds thanks to the guidance of their communities, moving to platforms based on distributed ledgers.

In this ecosystem, we can find Poseidon DAO which aims to go beyond the boundaries of the decentralized Web 3.0 as we know it now. The purpose of Poseidon DAO is to help artists and collectors to find their own space in the metaverse, but also, in collaboration with major marketplaces and communities, to support and give life to innovative projects related to crypto art, collectibles and gaming upon proposal and approval of the members of the DAO.

For this reason, the management and governance Token of Poseidon DAO arises to overcome the current limits of Web3.

Poseidon DAO

Thanks to Poseidon Token, the governance of the DAO will be completely decentralized, anonymous and distributed for an international community participating and involved in the main decisions.

Poseidon DAO members may suggest projects, initiatives and improvements in the governance of the DAO and its treasury. The Community will also be able to select the members of the Poseidon Board and participate in the governance of the DAO through a shared and transparent voting system.

Poseidon DAO will be an inclusive environment for artists and collectors that will find mutually beneficial to grow supporting the DAO, the same way Poseidon did so far investing in crypto art.

Membership in Poseidon DAO is reserved to all holders of the Poseidon Token.

The DAO Board

In order to start Poseidon DAO a management team of the DAO will be created to start and handle the initiatives that will be voted on and regulated by the owners of the Poseidon Token.

The Poseidon Board will have a mandate of 6/12 months and members can be replaced following a vote called by the DAO. The governance dynamics can change as well.

The Board will enable decentralized governance and, under the careful guidance of the community, will carry out the tasks of administration and implementation of decisions taken through DAO. The Board will also be responsible for operational management, accounting, projects, and partnership and will also be responsible to follow the process of presentation to the DAO of new projects proposed by the community.

Not only: in order to achieve the common objectives, decided and set by all the token stakeholders, the DAO will be able to make use of external collaborators, consultants and professionals carefully selected and evaluated by the Board.

Finally, the Board will manage the DAO's treasury with a multi-sig wallet for the execution of projects and the payment of expenses approved by the DAO.

Poseidon DAO
Poseidon DAO

Our First Mission

In its first semester/year of activity Poseidon DAO will support established and talented crypto artists in finding a place in the metaverse through drops, exhibitions and special projects related to NFTs, collectibles, derivatives, special indexes of artists but not only.

From the beginning and from the first votes, Poseidon DAO will give the community the choice of projects, artists, partnerships and initiatives to pursue.

To immediately facilitate a governance base, we will launch an Airdrop of the token to the main artists in the Poseidon DAO collection and at the same time, we will launch the following initiatives:

  • Derivatives: creating derivative artworks based on free IP collectibles like Bored Ape Yacht Club and World of Woman. These artworks will be created by well-known fine NFT artists and sold through the DAO
  • Artist Genesis: introducing well-known artists from traditional art into the NFT space, guiding and supporting them along the way. We can rely on the wide knowledge of the DAO community that from the beginning will take care of selecting the artists to be launched
  • Metaborg: supporting Giovanni Motta, one of the top artists in the space, the DAO will lead this project in the market. The project is a unicum of its kind and we are confident it can extend the boundaries of the NFT space. The project will set the quality standard for the projects the DAO will support
  • Indexes: in collaboration with our DeFi partner that will support technical development, we are going to launch indexes on top of artworks from high rated artists, in order to allow everyone to collect a little piece of their favorite artists

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In the coming days we will publish the details of our first project: Derivatives.

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