Red Panda Squad - Rebirth

Dear Squad,

As many of you know by now, we have been restructuring the team for the past few months while envisioning a new roadmap for RPS. Earlier this year, RPS sadly lost contact with the lead developer. This put development at a standstill. Despite this, the RPS family remained strong and several OG members came together with the core team to devise a plan to revive the one-of-a-kind project that is RPS: great art, a warm community, and unmatchable vibes.

This article will introduce the stages of our new journey and how you can make sure that you are part of it. We are confident our plans will create a sustainable and prosperous future for our whole RPS family and we will continue thinking about how to improve and innovate, believing this is the way to stay ahead in this highly competitive but very enjoyable space.

RPS Relaunch: What you need to know

First, we would like to officially announce that we are switching to a new contract, releasing on the 13th December. You will be able to convert your old tokens using our swap-to-mint portal. The contract will have an updated royalty structure with 40% of the royalties flowing to the RPS DAO wallet. Anyone who holds a Red Panda NFT is part of the DAO and has a say in the distribution of funds and assets as they best see fit. We are committed to giving back to our whole squad through the success of our collection this way. In addition, we want to make sure to continue helping real-life red pandas with 0.5% per NFT transaction going directly to the conservation and rehabilitation of these cute creatures! The rest of the royalties flow to the core team wallet which is used to support the development of our new roadmap. We have set up multi-sig for both wallets to guarantee maximum security.

We have been in contact with Magic Eden and Solanart regarding the swap of the collection contract to ensure a smooth transition on their marketplaces.

We will be keeping the swap-to-mint portal open for 6 months. After the portal is closed we will distribute them with a 50/50 split between RPS DAO and the core team. Our plan is to let RPS DAO decide how they will distribute their Pandas. Another half of the Pandas will be held in the team treasury to be used for marketing, giveaways, and the growth of the RPS brand.

RPS Relaunch: Plans and Goals

We will have a celebratory livestream event with games, giveaways, and general vibing with the community during our relaunch. Everyone is welcome, stay tuned on our Twitter and Discord for further details! In addition, we are currently in the process of finalizing the acquisition of new partnerships, which will be announced shortly. If you have ideas for partnerships, or are part of a team in Web3, please join our Discord and open a ticket.

Our long-term goal for RPS has always been to build a truly collaborative, inclusive, and welcoming community to be part of, spanning outside the crypto space. Ultimately, our goal is to build a memorable brand and bring Red Panda Squad IP to the masses also in the real world.

Our short-term goals and utility are tied to the following:

  • Bringing RPS to the world of mobile

  • Merchandise

  • Donations to preservation efforts of red pandas

  • On-chain tooling/dApps

  • Pandaverse lore

We’ll be revealing more details in blog posts to come. For now, on behalf of the whole RPS team, we want to thank all of you for being part of the squad. Stay tuned for further announcements on our Discord and Twitter and get ready for the relaunch on the 13th December!


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