Dear #DeCats community,

after our community memecoin launch was a great success, it is now time to put the project on a stable basis and set it up for a sustainable and long-term future.

As you may know, the founders put a lot of emphasis on community and participation and have made the launch and all the work so far voluntary. We want to keep it that way, but the last few days have also shown that we need more helping hands and expertise in some areas.

We would therefore like to expand the team with committed community members who are enthusiastic about working on the project. Currently we would like to fill the following positions:

  • NFT project manager

  • Crypto campaign manager (Galxe, Zealy & other crypto marketing channels)

For the time being, we will not fill other common positions such as "community manager", but will try to manage them from within the official team members as shared “job”.

What can we offer you for your contribution?

As mentioned at the beginning, all team members are working voluntary. We would like to keep it that way for the sake of the community and the team treasury.

So, apart from fame and fun at work in a great community and team, we can currently offer you the following:

  • official team member with the same rights (and obligations) like every other official team member

  • Listing on the website as a official team member

  • Listing as a official team member on our official DeBank account, which will hopefully be activated this week

  • official email-address: yourname@decats.io

  • if desired: OTC purchase of $DECATS coins from the team treasury at a preferential price (on condition that they are locked as liquidity, as is the initial liquidity of the founding team members)

If you feel addressed and would like to be part of our exciting journey as a official team member, please send a message to our recruiting team which consists of @Mrpibby and @Millionaire.


email: mrpibby@decats.io or mil@decats.io

DeBank: Mrpibby or Millionaire

Telegram: @MrPibby or @DebankM

We also accept applications from community members who do not have a lot of experience in the respective field, but are experienced in web3 or marketing in general.

What is more important to us is enthusiasm and the will to familiarise yourself with the topic and to implement it independently. However, please make sure that you can also find enough time to supervise the respective sub-project.

We will review the applications within the next few days in the founding team and would be happy to welcome new official team members!

All love,

the #DeCats founding gang

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