$DECATS goes BitMart

Dear #DeCats community,

as has been known for some time now, $DECATS is aiming for a listing on a major CEX and today we would like to officially inform you about the status.

The team had listing proposals from more than 10 CEXs - from very small to larger, well known CEXs, and after intense discussions and talks with several of them and inside the team, we decided on a reputable CEX that is usually in the top 10 of CEXs by SPOT trading volume: BitMart.

We are therefore pleased to officially announce that our first CEX listing is scheduled for 22 January 2024 on BitMart Exchange.

Bitmart is one of the most trusted centralised cryptocurrency trading platforms, on the market since 2017 and not known for any major scandals or bad practices. BitMart is built on an advanced architecture with strong security features that increase its scalability and stability. With a large audience of active traders and crypto enthusiasts, the team believes that BitMart is the perfect partner for our first CEX listing.

The first pair to be traded on BitMart will be DECATS-USDT. Other trading pairs (e.g. DECATS-BTC) might follow when trading volume is high enough and the DECATS-USDT pair has a stable volume.

The BitMart listing is scheduled as follows:

  • Deposit: 01/20/2024 10:00 AM EST (3 PM UTC)

  • Trading: 01/22/2024 10:00 AM EST (3 PM UTC)

  • Withdrawal: 01/23/2024 10:00 AM EST (3 PM UTC)

There are three objectives we are pursuing with this first CEX listing:

  • New audiences & traders/buyers: BitMart has more than 9 million registered users worldwide and for instance more than 1 million app downloads on Google Play alone.

  • Marketing push & positive price impact: Several marketing activities are planned around the listing with BitMart, together with BitMartas well as with other partners.

  • Higher trading volumes: We expect higher trading volumes on our DEX partners QuickSwap and VirtuSwap for $DECATS in general as new arbitrage opportunities may arise (CEX/DEX arbitrage) and more traders will actively trade $DECATS, which is important for the sustainable future of the $DECATS token and for the DEX liquidity providers (higher fee earnings).

One thing is for sure: our first CEX listing will be the biggest marketing event that $DECATS has ever had and we are very confident that our listing on BitMart will be very successful for all holders.

The team would love to see the #DeCats community support our first CEX listing by actively trading and spreading the word. Together we can create a bright future for the #DeCats community and the $DECATS coin!

If you don't have a BitMart account yet, it's easy to create one - the process, including KYC, is quick and, in our experience, trouble-free:

If you have any questions, the team will be happy to answer them on our official channels:




Chairman Meow and the #DeCats team

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