#DeCats Meow NFT trading update

Dear #DeCats community,

we would like to give you today a status update about the trading activity of our DeCats Meow NFT collection and the “OS topic”.

As mentioned before already, OpenSea has suspended the trading of our NFT collection with reference to their Terms of Services and has not reopened it despite several support tickets and has informed us that the decision is final.

We have received almost no specific feedback as to Opensea's exact reasoning but, from the little we have been told, we have reached the conclusion that it is likely to be due to the fact that we have combined the NFT Mint with an airdrop promise, which of course still applies and strictly speaking contradicts the OS Terms of Services. Normally OS doesn't care, but obviously when this is brought to their attention, there is a reaction.

We then had the OS Terms of Services checked by an experienced crypto lawyer, with the result that OS can unfortunately make such decisions according to their Terms of Services and do not even have to tell us what the exact reasons are.

The team has therefore decided that we will promote a different marketplace to our official, preferred marketplace with immediate effect. This is Magic Eden and the collection can be found and traded here:

The advantage of Magic Eden over Rarible is that the Rarity Rank is displayed and it looks like the older listings from OpenSea have also been taken over and are still partially active.

Nevertheless, we would ask all NFT holders who had one or more NFTs for sale on OpenSea to check their listings on Magic Eden and renew them if necessary.

By the way, we are pleased that the last few days have already seen trading activity for the DeCats Meow collection on Magic Eden at still very good prices between 80 and 119 MATIC.

We think that Magic Eden is a very good alternative to OS and that the attractiveness of our NFT collection will continue to increase as the number of users and traders increases, which will certainly also be positively influenced by our coming listing on BitMart.

Yours sincerely,

Chairman Meow and the #DeCats team

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