Double airdrop: Liqudity providing for $DECATS

Dear #DeCats community,

as we are now fully live with our second trading pool (liqudity pool) on QuickSwap we would like to summarize how you can help the community and the $DECATS coin by providing trading liquidity and earn extra income on your $DECATS coins.

Earn double airdrop and extra trading fee + farming income on your $DECATS coins by providing liquidity to our trading pools!

To incentivize liquidity providing, the team decided that all liquidity providers on QuickSwap/GAMMA and VirtuSwap will be eligible for the DOUBLE amount of the confirmed future $DECATS airdrop! Beside of that you will get extra income from trading fees and farming rewards!

Additionally we added a quest for liquidity providing in our Zealy campagin ( Top 100 Users on our Zealy campaign are participating in the airdrop too (additionally to other airdrop batches like for liquidity providing). So finally if you provide liquidity AND you are in the Top 100 Leaderboard in Zealy you will get TRIPLE airdrop!

In general we need to reach >100k liquidity on QuickSwap/GAMMA to have the chance to get listed on the QuickSwap farms and to have the chance to get additional dQUICK farming rewards from QuickSwap. To reach this target we need especially the help of the community!

There are now three different options to provide liquidity for $DECATS:


This is one of the most convinient options and gives you the advantage of autocompunding of the trading fees (=higher APY). You can provide liquidity directly on the GAMMA interface on the respective DECATS-WETH pool/strategy.

Liquidity to the QuickSwap-GAMMA strategy can be provided here:

QuickSwap V3 (concentrated liquidity) pool (DECATS-WETH)

This option is more for DeFi professionals, as you can set a price range in which you you want to provide liquidty for trading, e.g. from 0.01 ETH (~20$) to 0.5 ETH (~1,000$), which means e.g. at a price of 0.5 ETH you sold all $DECATS via the pool and you have “only” ETH in the pool then and below of 20$ (0.01 ETH) you would have only $DECATS in your position. So, be sure that you know what you do if you provide liqudity here. The above GAMMA strategy sets price range automatically, rebalances if necesary and autocompunds earned trading fees.

You can provide liquidity directly in the V3 QuickSwap pool here:


Even at our launch partners pool, on VirtuSwap, you can still provide liquidity in our DECATS-USDC pool, which is an classic (but optimized) V2 pool.

Take care, on Polygon there are two versions of USDC: the bridged one, which is used in the pool (USDC.e, contract: 0x2791bca1f2de4661ed88a30c99a7a9449aa84174) and the “native” one (USDC, contract: 0x3c499c542cEF5E3811e1192ce70d8cC03d5c3359) which is newer on Polygon and not supported in the pool and by VirtuSwap.

VirtuSwap incentivizes the DECATS-USDC pool already from their side with their $VRSW token and beside trading fees an an attractive farming APR is possible if you stake your LP on VirtuSwap!

Provide liquidity on VirtuSwap here:

We hope this information will help you to help the #DeCats community by providing liquidity and at the same time generate additional income from trading fees and farming rewards with your $DECATS.


Chairman Meow and the #DeCats team

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