#DeCats - what's next?

Dear #DeCats community & stakeholders,

with this article we would like to give you a brief overview of the activities the team is working on and keep you updated.

After our $DECATS coin listing on BitMart we will primary focus on product- / project- and community development. It’s been decided that we are focusing in the next months on these things:

Concept & implementation of a DAO

We will invent a DAO model, where you can stake your $DECATS, your provided liquidity and also your #DeCats Meow NFT to get DAO voting rights (via DAO token emission for staking) and also profit sharing of future DeCats projects (like GameFi ecosystem and other activites). The DAO will have the power of the team treasury (future DAO treasury) and will make important decisions about the whole #DeCats project like airdrop, GameFi etc.

GameFi ecosystem: “DeCats - The Game”

One of the biggest (and most expensive) projects that we have on our roadmap, is a full GameFi ecosystem under the internal title “DeCats - The Game”. The team is actively working on a concept, is in contact with several GameFi studios and also had the first investor contacts already. As the development of a GameFi ecosystem is expensive, we are starting soon to look actively for investors for the GameFi ecosystem (more info under tokenomics model).

By the way, if you want to see a small mockup how a #DeCats game could look, you can join our “Paw Game” here:

The Paw Game is fully functional as a simple clicker game already. But imagine what happens if the whole kitchen/apartment/city/world would be clickable? There would be a gameplay and you could hunt there for rare NFT’s for instance ;-)

Tokenomics model for the DAO and GameFi investors

As mentioned already, for the GameFi ecosystem we need external investors as the development cost will be high and the team (DAO) treasury doesn’t have that large funding. So the model will be like a “franchise model”: our community (the DAO) will give the rights for the development of the DeCats game to a “DeCats“ company (which has yet to be founded) and earns a share of the future profits of this company. The profit distribution between DAO token holders and the GameFi company is the basic discussion topic in the tokenomics model and will be discussed and decided finally in a DAO voting.

Community NFT edition

Last but not least, as mentioned in the roadmap, there will also be an NFT edition with art from our community members. We are in the process of discussing the economics and exploring the possibilities of a mixed/shared NFT collection of community member artists, where each artist will receive a share of the revenue from minted NFTs. As soon as we have the final concept, we will publish it and invite community members to participate in the community NFT collection.

We hope you enjoyed this little insight into the upcoming #DeCats projects and would like to thank the #DeCats community for all their support! The team keeps building with your support!

With best regards,

Chairman Meow and the entire #DeCats team

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