#DeCats - the meme on DeBank

It all started when I wanted to take some time off from DeBank. It had become too toxic for me and I was getting emotional. That was a sign that it was time for Detox.

In one of my "last" posts I wrote that I don't know yet what I'm going to do with DeBank, maybe I'll just post cat pictures in the future I wrote.

No sooner said than done, the next morning I started posting cat pictures. AI art with cats and bitcoins to be exact.

As it quickly turned out: cats are popular. Not only in real life, but also on DeBank!

The first #DeCat in DeBank (https://debank.com/stream/812587)
The first #DeCat in DeBank (https://debank.com/stream/812587)

In a private Telegram chat with some members of the DeBank Telegraph team (unfortunately discontinued), I was surprised that this post was so successful and was in the "hot-tab" for hours.

My ambition was aroused: I wanted to always have a cat post in the hot tab for 24 hours. The other members immediately joined in and invented the hashtag "#DeCats" and so the DeCats were born.

And now here we are, trying to make #DeCats big!

Anyone who thinks it's funny is encouraged to post cat pictures on DeBank and tag them with the hashtag #DeCats.

Myself and the team members will trust and repost every post on DeBank with the hashtag #DeCats (except offensive or criminal posts of course) !

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