FirstBatch Powered Gravitate Teams up with DeSo to Help Onboard The Next Billion Users to Decentralized Social Media

Onboarding web2 social personas and connecting users to what they love in the Creator Economy is now easier than ever for DeSo builders.

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with DeSo, the first and only blockchain custom-built from the ground up to power and scale a new category of decentralized social applications, to integrate Diamond into Gravitate enabling instant personalization and summarization of the Diamond Creator Economy.

Our partnership stems from a shared vision of a new social model that empowers users to earn from their contributions to networks and developing open-source tools and protocols that anyone can build on top of. To learn more about DeSo’s vision, check out this intro video:

Diamond’s integration with Gravitate makes onboarding new social personas and connecting users to what they love in the Creator Economy easier than ever for DeSo builders.

You can try out Gravitate here:

DeSo and FirstBatch are working together to provide feasible infrastructure and tooling for developers who are interested in building decentralized social apps that challenge the monopoly of web2 socials on content and user experience.

Our partnership with Diamond marks an important milestone for users across the DeSo ecosystem who want access decentralized content in the personal way they are accustomed to in web2 without the need to sacrifice their data rights or privacy in the process.

Gravitate allows for custom Diamond feed creation in multiple languages and also introduces FirstBatch AI summaries of Diamond content that can be shared with friends & followers, with the option to deep dive on the full post.

By providing instant, multi-account persona analysis and recommendation, FirstBatch allows Diamond creators to get their content in front of their most closely aligned communities, optimizing engagement and revenue.

Instead of relying on a single blockchain or social ID, creators can onboard communities from other blockchain ecosystems or web2 socials such as Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, and Discord without the need for tokens or a wallet.

By joining forces, FirstBatch, DeSo, Diamond, and Gravitate are opening up a permissionless and composable world of new possibilities for all social connections, content, and experiences across the web.

Please reach out if you’re interested in learning more about FirstBatch or Gravitate and our open-source tooling!

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