Why is ’潤‘ getting emotional?

Too young, too simple, sometimes naive

  1. Only when there is a country can there be a home
  2. Only when there is a tower can there be sand
  3. Build a building first to build the third floor
  4. Only when you birth can there be your mother

Conclusion after 70 hours‘ discussion between two countries =>

And he’s just very straightforward with me.  He doesn’t think that democracies can be sustained in the 21st century, in the second quarter of the century, because things are moving so rapidly, so incredibly fast that only — he doesn’t say “autocracy” — only autocracies are able to handle it.  Because democracies require consensus, and it takes too much time, too much effort to get it together.  And by that time, the event, the circumstance has gone beyond your ability to fix it.

‘Run’ is to find the minimum requirements to be able to live, but immigration is to live a better life.

If you can tolerate with it, don't be emotional like others.

The door has been closed for most people.

Do not be FOMO in this FUCKING world.

if(dircection == left) {
} else if(dircection == right) {
} else {

New standard for science

Mathematics Ideological and Political Education
Mathematics Ideological and Political Education
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