It's time to CYNQUE.
May 24th, 2022
Incoming Transmission: May 2022
Sender: Evolutionary One
Recipient: All Future Citizens of 2052
Subject: RE: CYNQUE is ready to be unlocked


The story of the Lost Children of Andromeda explores a world hurtling toward its end. In such an unforgiving world, information is paramount for survival, and unlocking our powers is the gateway to its salvation.

Humans in the present enter Lost Children as potential Citizens of 2052, entrusted with the opportunity to save a future on the brink of destruction.

Hundreds have already minted their Genesis 2052 Passports, becoming First Citizens. These lucky few have ensured their survival and anchored themselves to the 2052 Timeline.

Introducing CYNQUE

CYNQUE is a singular device created by Dr. Quincyn Bordeaux, a scientist forever changed by the strange events of 2030, which culminated in worldwide Superstorms that destroyed major cities like Paris in mere hours.

After witnessing a tragedy of that scale, Dr. Bordeaux vowed never to let it happen again. He’s always believed technology could keep better promises than humans. Now was his chance to put that theory to the test.

His first CYNQUE: The “CYNQUE Prototype” will come to change how we experience information, transform how we interact with technology, and progress us towards our potential.

Bordeaux knows the value of our individual power and the strength in unity, and uses that message to bring about widespread adoption of his invention:


What began as a test for those lucky few survivors of the Paris 2030 Superstorm may yet become something so much more. 1,111 CYNQUE Prototypes, of various colors, textures, materials, and design elements, provide essential information to survive the uncertain future. Each one is unique.

There's no hope for our survival without it.

CYNQUE Industrial Collection - Artist Mathias Omotola
CYNQUE Industrial Collection - Artist Mathias Omotola

“The world was crumbling around us and we didn’t understand what it meant. We didn’t believe it could get worse. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew what was coming. I created Cynque because I saw the division. People disowning each other. The hatred and the violence. I thought, can’t we all become one? Can’t we all be Cynqued?

Soon, I realized information was the problem. How it got to people. Who it came from. What if just the information was enough? No sensational headlines, no conflicting outlets, no spin. Just straight facts. Verifiable facts that would save our damn civilization.” - Dr. Quincyn Bordeaux

Dr. Quincyn Bordeaux - inspired by legendary technologist and futurist Iddiris Sandhu
Dr. Quincyn Bordeaux - inspired by legendary technologist and futurist Iddiris Sandhu


CYNQUE connects to Passports, tying your identity to your Present and Future Self. Your CYNQUE ID will update through a dynamic NFT that continually changes as you evolve.

2052 Passport and Future NFTs share data
2052 Passport and Future NFTs share data

Our First Citizens hold Genesis 2052 Passports, having earned their place to become CYNQUED first. When the Genesis Passport mint window is unlocked through a community-driven game, First Citizens’ priority grants them the lowest price and a guaranteed leisurely mint window of five days.

The game, an interactive scavenger hunt across platforms, launches on May 25, 2022 at 11:11 pm with a 48-hour time limit. 3 Teams from the Discord that represent each of the 3 major Factions in the Lore will be swept up in a 48-hour frenzy, collecting moments from our future that have become accessible through Temporal Rifts. Joining a Faction within the Discord and participating in the game allows you to earn Passport Eligibility and mint a Genesis 2052 Passport before the mint window opens.

As long as your Faction wins, of course.

CYNQUE V.1 on the desk of its inventor, Dr. Quincyn Bordeaux - Art by Mathias Omotola
CYNQUE V.1 on the desk of its inventor, Dr. Quincyn Bordeaux - Art by Mathias Omotola

Becoming a First Citizen

Genesis 2052 Passports are based on concepts around Soulbound Tokens, tied to the transient identity of your [redacted] as it evolves.

The role “Passport Eligible” is available to active Future Citizens in the LCOA Discord. Passport Eligibility is earned through our rich Discord features; choose-your-own-adventure games, daily personal growth prompts, and Lore-based missions. Your standing on a leaderboard tracks progress towards earning your free-to-claim Genesis Passport.

Our dynamic NFT tech lets us link the Genesis 2052 Passports with CYNQUES as well as future “Artifacts”, [redacted], and the accomplishments of the Passport holder.

Phase 2: Phials and CYNQUE ONE

Phials are Heritage DNA vials that are encoded with our individual, untapped potential. The first phase, Heritage Phials or “H Phials” opens in phase 2.

The first supply of Heritage DNA Phials will be released in 5,555 supply. Each one is burnable to awaken 1 of 5,555 unique Evolutionary characters. The second batch of 5,555 Evolutionary characters will be released in a future Phase.

PHIAL CONCEPT - Jared Olsever
PHIAL CONCEPT - Jared Olsever

Every CYNQUE holder receives a free mint of H Phials, with the remaining sold in a public sale.

Every CYNQUE passively accrues QB, a lore-based currency set to become claimable in Phase 2. More on the tokenomics to come.

Like any technology, CYNQUE goes through iterations and upgrades, eventually birthing new versions that appear along the timeline. They will have different functions and attributes, slightly different utility, and very different designs.

Awakening Evolutionaries

Evolutionaries are beings from the Lost Children universe that were present during the “Arrivals”. These two seismic energy events triggered quantum genetic mutation in a population of 11,111 humans worldwide.  Inside those 11,111 impacted, Evolutionaries of 8 types were awakened with powers ranging from time travel, to mind control, to molecular manipulation, to reality altering manifestation

Given that Heritage Phials are burned for Evolutionaries, the supply of Phials is deflationary.

Neight Caster - The CMD Studios
Neight Caster - The CMD Studios

Phase 3: Read to Earn, CYNQUE Prime and beyond

The themes weaving themselves throughout the story thread into theories about where we really came from, and how we access what’s hidden within us.

We look at the intersection of empowerment and entertainment. We encourage freedom through creativity and inspire curiosity by asking you to continuously make choices that will impact your journey through LCOA.

As you seek, earn, and claim your power, you are embarking on a journey of yourself, awakening that much more the deeper you go.

That's the beauty of New Age storytelling.

We mix lore with powerful questions. We mix digital assets with your real-world identity. You get to become your character.

Now we've got your attention: get CYNQUED.

205Z: Time and Salvation by Jason Michael Primrose
205Z: Time and Salvation by Jason Michael Primrose

What’s coming

  • The full “read to earn” experience and future inclusion of minted Evolutionaries in the upcoming 9 book series and cinematic exploration
  • Release of cinematic audiobook chapters to the community
  • First releases of the digital 3-part Graphic Novel adaptation to LCOA holders
  • Future Evolutionary types and CYNQUE upgrade
  • Marketplace for QB tokens including wearables, content, character upgrades, and special artifacts
  • Theatrical Experiences + other Media


Presently, a team of wildly passionate creatives -- huge fans of sci-fi, fantasy, cyberpunk, dystopia, and superheroes in all forms of media -- have reached that fated week all teams across all industries hope to reach: Launch Week.

For us, it’s been a bit different than in some other industries. Even inside of the grueling hours of crafting experiences, launching Discord servers (and the games within them), noodling and nitpicking over content and messaging, for the most part, we’re playing with fiction to create transformative experiences. And that’s important -- because that’s what we want everyone who joins the Lost Children universe to do. Play with fiction to create their own transformative experiences.

This launch represents one of the most exciting periods of my 29-year journey writing the Lost Children of Andromeda story. At first, I thought it was because my dream of bringing this world to life in a new and exciting way was finally coming true. But I realized, and I believe the team realizes, that what we’ve created is special. It’s not about my dreams anymore. It’s about our dreams and our stories continuing to reshape the world and perspective.

If you’ve found your way to 2052: You’re Not Lost If You’re Here.

It’s time to Unleash Your Potential.


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