Builders On Pause...
May 11th, 2022

Take a deep breath before reading this, it’s a tough one.

This is an article from builders who joined the NFT space with strong enthusiasm and have been working hard on a project for a year despite all the ups and downs.

It’s such a hard decision to make, but we have finally decided to put our NFT project - Miss Crypto Club on pause.

First of all, and most importantly, to all the holders & supporters, we sincerely apologize for this decision. We want you to know that our intention has always been to build a great project. We’ve been trying our best to build and give back to the community but finally cannot afford to sacrifice our mental and physical health to continue this project.

The journey

We started working on this project last May 2021. During this year of operation, we’ve put our whole heart into the project. As founders, we have been sending GMs to the NFT community every day, interacting with everyone in the community, planning on the future of the project every day, and working with other projects in the space to make very meaningful things happen. If you want to know more about the story, please read this thread:

We wanted to bring happiness to people in web3 by building funfairs in the metaverse because we see the importance of mental health in this space. This is also something we dreamed of when we were kids. So we launched our 3D collection as a first step to entering the metaverse. Even though the progress of the 3D collection is slow, we still decided to build a funfair first in discord, which was not on the roadmap. Actually, we have finished building the funfair and have confirmed collaborations with our partners a few days ago, right before this decision.

The key factor that led to this decision was that we realized that we don’t have the ability to make anyone happy if we cannot even make ourselves happy.

We haven’t taken proper breaks during the whole year. Till now, we can’t say what’s happening on the market doesn’t disappoint us. The market itself is still in its infancy and there’re a lot of unhealthy things. This is totally understandable, but we cannot take these on ourselves as project founders anymore.

There’re so many great projects worth supporting, especially many amazing women-led projects that are trying to make the space a better place. However, most of them ended up being massively underrated and ignored. At the same time, the market is sending rugs / fake projects to the top. This is heartbreaking for a lot of builders including us.

Why call it a pause?

We still have faith in what we wanted to build and still believe in NFTs & Web3 in general so we still hope to come back one day.

To date, we have built a good base for the project, but we don’t have the resources in place to market the project or hype it up. We’re good builders but not good marketers. Also, there’re more companies and VCs coming in, as a small team, we feel we can’t compete anymore.

So rather than calling it an end, we prefer to call it a pause. We’ll still stay in this space and contribute our knowledge but we want to take this chance to learn more, find the right partners & resources, and wait for the market to become healthier before we feel comfortable coming back again.

Failure Vs rug, what is it?

It has been a hot topic lately. The market doesn’t have an accurate answer yet and people have different opinions. It’s a healthy discussion for the space:

What we can say is, that we have good intentions, we’ve been trying to build for a year, delivered what’s been promised, and have always been over-delivering for the good of the project and community.

In the beginning, our OG collection didn’t sell out in the first place, but it didn’t prevent us from building and bringing up new roadmaps. We delivered what’s promised and decided to stop the mint forever to keep the value of the collection for holders.

Accepting failures is nothing easy, but that’s what we have to do now. We failed at building a strong community and promoting this project to a larger audience. But we won’t define this as a rug. If it still feels like a rug to you, we feel very sorry.

A few more words

We want to bring some awareness of builders’ mental health to the table. We’re pretty sure there will be more builders leaving this space with their hearts broken. If you’re reading this, please start caring more about your project builders, look deeper into what they are building, and support them when you can.

This will help the whole Web3 space to improve and attract more people from the outside than keeping them away.

Once again, we’re very sorry for our supporters and thank you for supporting us.

From now on, we’re going to decrease the royalties on major marketplaces to 0%.

You’ll still be able to claim your 3Ds. We made them for holders who love their 2D Misses, they are 1:1 mirroring the 2Ds made with love and it’s free to claim with gas fees.

We are open to more possibilities in the future but we need to take a break at this stage, so we won’t be able to moderate the socials. If you are interested in becoming an investor or bringing in resources, please fill out the form:

Thank you all for the love and support along the way. Hope to see you again somewhere in this space.

Miss Crypto Club Team

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